4Z62 15:45 Carlisle N.Y.-Warrington Arpley Yd

4Z62 15:45 Carlisle N.Y.-Warrington Arpley Yd

14th June 2021 9 By Robbo13

4Z62 15:45 Carlisle N.Y.-Warrington Arpley Yd

Afternoon driver, today you are in charge of 4Z62 15:45 Carlisle N.Y.-Warrington Arpley Yd from Kingmoor as far as Preston. Your traction today is slightly unusual in the form of 4 class 92s. It is quite busy today so expect some adverse signals.

How to Install
1. Extract using 7zip.
2. Copy Contents into Railworks
3. Done!

Route: WCML over Shap


[JH] JT DRS 20 Pack
Fuller Sim class 185

Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1
BR Mk2 D-F
Class 37 Vol 1 & 2
Class 56 EP
Class 66 EP
Class 86 EP
Class 92SP
Class 142
Class 150/1
Class 156
Class 325 EP
Class 390SP
FSA Wagons
HHA Wagons
JNA Wagons
TDA Wagons
Weather EP

BH Reskins
Class 60 reskin pack
Class 390 reskin pack

Cynxs workshop
AP Class 37 WIPAC

Class 56
Class 57 FL
Class 66 Pack 03
Class 70
Class 86
Class 92
Class 150/1
Class 325
Class 390
Fastline Simualtion YQA Parr
Settle to Carlisle
Trent Valley

HQA Post Railtrack Autoballaster reskin

Just Trains
FNA Wagons
Class 20
Class 60
ZZA Snowplough*

Class 142 Revamp Pack

Peppercorn Workshop
WCRC Named Mk1s

Vulcan Productions
Virgin Trains MK2 Branding Patch
Class 57/3 Virgin Trains Pack

I hope you enjoy this scenario. If you do have any problems or anything has been missed of the requirements, then please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue.

Known Issue
During testing a 142 at Preston would stop outside the station, however other tests showed the 142 running into Preston with no issues. If it does stop outside then do not worry, the scenario can still be completed.