1C03 07:00 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads (2017)

1C03 07:00 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads (2017)

30th May 2021 0 By Stenkil

Hello everyone, this scenario will see drive an HST set from Paddington all the way to Bristol Temple Meads. Due to stability issues static AIs are limited and Acton yard and Didcot sidings are empty. Also there are no freights running today.

Description: This fine morning you take incharge of a Great Western Railway HST service from Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads. Soak up the morning sun, sit back and enjoy the hassel free run. No adverse signals or technical snags nor any services running late. Just miles of lush greenery and few milk bottles 😉

Scenario name: [SSP] 1C03 07:00 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads
Route: Western mainlines
Type: Standard
Traction: 43027 ’90 Glorious Years’ + Mk3 coaches + 43002 ‘Sir Kenneth Grange’
Start and end locations: Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads
Duration: 90-95 minutes
Year: 2017


2. Class 180
3. Class 159
4. Class 66 v2.0*

1. Class 150/2 pack
2. Class 43 MTU EP
3. Class 66 EP*
4. Class 158 EP

1. Western mainlines (with no extensions)
2. Voyager adv 2019
3. Class 153 adv

1. FGW Blue Class 153
2. Class 43 Revamp pack
3. Class 180 Revamp pack

BH reskins:
2. FGW 90 Years HST (one that requires the AP EP)

1. Class 166 FGW Plain blue reskin
2. Class 166 GWR reskin
3. Class 387 GWR reskin

1. Class 360 Heathrow liveries (HC and HX) id: 34469


Note: All the Paddington to Maidenhead and Maidenhead to Paddington services have been represented by Class 166 units.