0Z87 14:00 Liverpool Lime Street to Crewe (2016)

0Z87 14:00 Liverpool Lime Street to Crewe (2016)

17th July 2023 0 By Bill Dalton

A scenario for the ATS West Coast Mainline Midlands and North West Route.
Having arrived at Liverpool Lime Street with the GBRF 15 railtour, 87002 is now to return to Crewe light loco while 59003 has taken the tour onwards to Doncaster. You’re in charge throughout. Enjoy!

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From Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1*
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 87 Locomotive Pack
Class 142 DMU Pack (discontinued)
Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Class 156 DMU Pack
Class 319 EMU Pack Vol. 1
Class 350 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
Class 56 Enhancement Pack
JNA-C Wagon Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack*
Mk2 d-f Coach Pack*
Mk3 a-c Coach Pack*
Cloud Enhancement Pack*
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0*

From Alanthomsonsim:
Class 185 DMU Pack
Class 220/221 (JT) Updated Consists
West Coast Mainline Midlands & North West Phase 4

From Steam:
West Coast Main Line South

From Major Wales Design:
Class 390 Revamp Pack
From JustTrains:
Voyager Advanced