The Upload Guide

To make uploading files as easy as possible, we’ve produced this
step-by-step guide.

You will need to archive the content you wish to upload. This is best done using 7zip. Instructions for this vary on operating system but it is usually a case of creating a temporary folder called “Content” and / or “Assets” somewhere and then copying your content into this new folder preserving the folder structure (see below)

All downloads must be upload in the correct folder format. This is as follows; Scenarios

  • …Railworks/Content/Routes/ ROUTE NUMBER / SCENARIOS / YOUR SCENARIO


  • …Railworks/Content/Routes/ YOUR ROUTE FOLDER

Assets (trains, reskins, scenery etc.)

  • …Railworks/Assets/ YOUR FOLDER / YOUR ASSETS

Once complete head to the “My Uploads” section of the site and click on “Add a Download”

To start with, the download title, what is your file called?

Next is the download body, a small description of what your item is, you’ll need to
add the requirements (if any) in this box too.

Featured image: this should be a screenshot relevant to your item.

Download Category, please make sure you choose the correct category for your item.
If you don’t, your file will not be approved until it’s been amended.

To upload your item, click on the ‘Add File’ button then browse to the intended file
and click on it. Please make sure it’s in a (.zip) format. The maximum file size is
256mb, if your file is larger than this, please contact us

Download Type: Choose between hosting this item as a subscriber item or as a
free item. Hosting this file as a subscriber download means you can participate in the
developer payback program. For more information please use the links on the “My Uploads” page.

All you need to do now is read the terms and conditions and if you agree with them,
tick the box and submit your item. You can also save as a draft should you need
to need to.