South Western Main Line – Southampton to Bournemouth Scenario Pack 01 “Enhanced Update”

25th August 2020 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation

The ‘South Western Main Line – Southampton to Bournemouth Scenario Pack 01’ has been updated to “Enhanced” status. This completely overhauls all six scenarios included in the pack, updating them to modern day standards, as well as adding exciting new features, as outlined below:

  • All scenarios have been updated to utilise better stock (ie. AP and JT packs). These changes are reflected in the new requirements list, which is available on the download page.
  • All scenarios have had their weather patterns updated to use those from the AP Sky & Weather EP, including one with Fork Lightning, which has only been seen in scenarios from AP (to my knowledge). Please note, the scenario that uses this may function incorrectly if you do not own this pack; it has not been tested and support will not be provided if not owning this pack causes any issues.
  • All scenarios have been made more immersive; either by drastically enhanced weather, AI horns, or ‘mini incidents’ like TSRs.

For new customers, the pack is remaining at the price of £4.99 (with the usual 10% subscriber discount). However, the discount code SB01-25 can be used for one month after this post to get 25% off your purchase; to celebrate the “Enhanced Update”!

For existing customers, the pack has been updated free of charge. Simply redownload the pack from your purchase history. The download includes both the new “Enhanced” version, as well as the original version of the pack should you wish to, however, this is on a no support basis.

In the future, my other scenario packs will be updated similarly to this one, bringing them up to today’s standards.