WTT Scenarios – Working Timetable Scenarios – Scenario Pack 2 North Wales Coast 1997 – 2000


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Current owners of the pack that do not have the AP Signal Enhancement Pack can still install V3.2. 

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This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the varied workings and rolling stock to be seen on the North Wales coast line during the period between 1997 and 2000, the early days of privatisation.


In order to do this, many add-on products are utilised. There are nine scenarios, giving over fifteen hours of driving time. Key features include :

* Drive classes 37, 43 (HST), 101, 150/1, 156, and 158.

* A mixture of fast and stopping services

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as unit attachments, light locomotive movements, and service recovery

* Rescue of a failed train in one scenarios, plus a unit defect in    another

* Infrastructue issues such as single-line working and signal failure

* Request stops

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with    realistic stock allocations and liveries




1A01 03.30 Holyhead to London Euston

Traction : 43080 + 43184

Duration : 130 minutes

Route covered : Holyhead – Crewe

Year : 1999

Two days before the longest day of the year, you are in charge of this early Saturday morning departure from Holyhead to London. Your HST set worked the 2125 Fridays-only service from Euston last night. You will drive this return train as far as Crewe, calling only at Bangor, and Chester. There is single-line working in place between Mostyn and Holywell Junction.


1D57 05.15 Birmingham New Street to Holyhead

Traction : 158756

Duration : 80 minutes

Route covered : Crewe – Llandudno Jn

Year : 1999

On a fine Friday morning, you are working an early service along the coast with First North Western’s 158756. You have been on this unit since 03.20 this morning, having relieved the 01.50 Holyhead – Birmingham at Chester. Now on the return 05.15 from Birmingham, you will work through to Llandudno Jn where you will be relieved for a much-needed coffee.


 1D67 10.07 Birmingham New Street to Holyhead

Traction : 156452 + 158756

Duration : 155 minutes

Route covered : Chester – Crewe – Holyhead

Year : 1999

On a Summer Friday morning work an empty stock from Chester to Crewe, which then attaches to a Birmingham to Holyhead limited stop service that provides a boat connection to Ireland. You have just relieved an empty stock working, 5D67 09+11 from Salford Crescent, at Chester. You will take this unit empty to Crewe and attach to a Birmingham to Holyhead service. You will then drive that service forward from Crewe. This unit formed the 07.18 from Chester to Salford Crescent via Altrincham earlier this morning.


 1D87 09.50 London Euston to Holyhead (rescue)

Traction : 37798 or 37073

Duration : 80 minutes

Route covered : Penmaenmawr – Llandudno Jn – Holyhead

Year : 1998

On a wet Wednesday afternoon you are have arrived at Penmaenmawr with a ballast train. Normally you sit here whilst your train is loaded, however today Control have a little job for you. An alternative
version of this scenario is now included from v2.0, featuring 37073 as the
player locomotive.

1G95 06.40 Holyhead to Birmingham New Street

Traction : 37423

Duration : 80 minutes

Route covered : Llandudno Jn – Crewe

Year : 1997

On a weekday at the start of the Winter timetable, work a class 37-hauled Holyhead to Birmingham service betewen Llandudno Jn and Crewe. You are being held a couple of minutes to connect out of the branch train from Llandudno which is a few minutes late. Once it has arrived you will proceed to Crewe, calling at Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, and Chester only.

1H42 13.23
Holyhead to Stockport

Traction: 156461 + 150222

Duration: 90 minutes

Route covered: Holyhead – Chester

Year: 1997

On a Summer Saturday you are driving the afternoon boat train that links
Holyhead with Manchester.
The ferry arrived on time and loadings are
heavy. You are in charge of this service as far as Chester and as it is
Saturday you have only one intermediate stop at Llandudno Junction, meaning
this is one of only a few trains booked through the middle roads at Bangor.
This daytime working from Holyhead utilises a pair of units in between peak
journeys on the Buxton line. However on this return working on Saturdays, the
rear unit detaches at Warrington Bank Quay and forms a portion through to
Blackpool North.


1K56 13.05 Llandudno to Crewe

Traction : 150141 + 158754

Duration : 100 minutes

Route covered : Llandudno – Crewe – Chester

Year : 2000

You are working the 13.05 to Crewe on a scorching hot Sunday. You are booked to call at all stations to Crewe. The coast is busy today and station stops may take longer than normal. One engine on 158754 on the rear has been suffering in the heat, has shut down several times, and you have now isolated it. The windows will be opened by the guard to provide some ventilation.

1K57 08.05 Bangor to Crewe

Traction : 37408

Duration : 165 minutes

Route covered : Holyhead Depot – Holyhead – Bangor – Crewe

Year : 1997

 37408 is the last 37/4 to retain large logo livery and is a bit of a local celebrity here on the coast. Last night it was one of the locos on the double-headed Sunday evening boat train to Birmingham, and it arrived back in Holyhead around 02.30 this morning. It’s just been released off the depot but doesn’t need to be prepared. Run it down to the station to collect your coaches and guard, run empty to Bangor, then run as a passenger service to Crewe. This train is popular with shoppers and therefore has several stops.


 1T45 18.22 Chester to Llandudno (Control extra)

Traction : 101656

Duration : 75 minutes

Route covered : Chester – Llandudno

Year : 1997

101656 has just arrived in Chester from Manchester via the ‘Cheshire Lines’ route via Altrincham, and normally stables until returning over that route in the morning. However your service, 1D45 1711 Manchester – Llandudno, is stuck at Eccles due to an incident. In order to keep things moving, Control have instructed you to re-start the service as 1T45, giving a rare opportunity for one of Longsight’s power-trailer class 101s to head down the coast. You were due to leave at 1822 but the 101 wasn’t due here until 1825. Do your best with only 50% of the power normally available on class 101s on this route.

2D80 16.17 Holyhead to Llandudno

Traction : 101677

Duration : 90 minutes

Route covered : Holyhead – Llandudno Jn – Llandudno – Llandudno Jn

Year : 1997

On showery Saturday in December, work an afternoon all-stations service across Anglesey and on to Llandudno, returning as far as Llandudno Junction. This service is booked to call at all stations, however some of these are request stops. The guard will keep you updated on what stops are required.




In order to enjoy these scenarios you will require the following add-ons


From Steam :

* North Wales Coast Line Crewe to Holyhead (TFW).

* West Coast Main Line Over Shap route

* European Loco and Asset Pack

* BR Regional Railways Class 101 Pack


From Armstrong Powerhouse :

* Wherry Lines Route

* Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 1

* Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2

* Class 43 (Valenta) / Mark 3 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 56 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 86 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 90 + Mark 3 DVT Pack

* Class 90 Freightliner Pack

* Class 101/117/121 Sound Pack Pro (discontinued)

* Class 142 DMU Pack V2.0

* Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 150/2 DMU Pack

* Class 156 DMU Pack

* Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack #

* Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack #

* Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1

* Mark 2A – 2C Coach Pack

* Mark 2D – 2F Coach Pack

* Mark 3A/3B Coach Pack

* BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

* HAA Wagon Pack

* Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack **


From Just Trains :

* YGB ‘Seacow’ PlusPak Advanced (or Class 60 Advanced + Freight Wagons)

# – It is a given that the requirements associated with these products are also necessary.

** – The scenarios will function without the Sky and Weather EP, however the intended weather will not appear.


* v2.0 released April 2021. Discontinued Virgin Trains First Generation
pack removed from requirements. AP (former DT) Mark 1 coach pack replaced by
new AP Mark 1 coach pack volume 1. AP Class 37 volume 2 loco pack, and Class 86
enhancement pack, added to requirements. Various formation changes within
scenarios. Alternative version of 1D87 scenario added featuring class 37/0. Additional scenario, 1D42, included.

* v3.0 released May 2022. Compatibility with the updated, TFW-branded version of the route.

* v3.1 released May 2022. Incorrect version of 1D57 for TFW-branded route replaced with correct version.

* v3.2 released
August 2022. Issue with missing sections of track on scenarios for TFW branded
version corrected.

v4.0 released September 2023. Scenarios upgraded to
use AP Signal enhancement pack and Sky & Weather enhancement pack v2.0. AP
Mark 3A/3B coach pack added as a requirement. AP Wherry Lines removed as a
requirement. WCML North route removed as a requirement. WCML Over Shap route
added as a requirement. Updated AI traffic and statics.

v4.1 released October 2023. Discontinued AP Class 142 pack replaced by
new AP Class 142 V2.0 as a requirement. Issue with missing track at Rhyl in
1K56 scenario resolved.



Huge thanks to Alan Thomson for the encouragement to create this scenario pack and for hosting it on www.alanthomsonsim.com , and to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.

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