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This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the busy southern section of the Midland Main Line during the Summer of 2002.


The Thameslink network is the exclusive preserve of the dual-voltage class 319 EMUs. Midland Main Line class 170 DMUs and High Speed Trains make-up the rest of the passenger workings. There are also several freight flows largely serving the construction industry, conveying aggregates and cement, plus flows of oil products to distribution centres around the capital.


Some scenarios are set on the August Bank Holiday weekend, and it is assumed that London St. Pancras station is under possession for track renewals. Therefore we have implemented an amended timetable which sees Midland Main Line services starting and terminating at West Hampstead Thameslink station and shunting to and from Kentish Town in order to reverse. Some Thameslink services are making additional calls at West Hampstead Thameslink in order to provide connections from and to central London. This amended working was created using real-world experience in timetable planning and has been fully pathed and validated as per reality.



There are 7 scenarios, packed full of A.I. traffic and designed to represent some of the situations encountered by real-life drivers.


Key features include:

* Drive classes 37/0, 43 (HST), 170, and 319.

* A mixture of fast and stopping passenger services, empty stock, and freight workings.

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as train preparation, and assisting a failed train.

* Amended timetable with associated shunt movements

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries



Once you have downloaded the .zip file, extract the contents to a convenient place. Copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder, and paste it into your RailWorks folder – Generally found here, unless installed on a different drive:

C:Program Files (x86) SteamsteamappscommonRailWorks


In the simulator all scenarios will be found in the ‘Standard’ scenario menu, and are prefixed:

[WTT] SP09 – xxxxxxxxxxx


1B09 06.36 Sheffield to West Hampstead Thameslink

Traction: 43051 + 43072

Duration: 55 minutes

Route covered: Bedford – Kentish Town


On the first day of the August Bank Holiday closure of St. Pancras station, you are in charge of a morning service from Sheffield. You join this run on the move just north of Bedford, approaching an 80mph temporary speed restriction. You will be running non-stop to West Hampstead Thameslink where all Midland Main Line services are terminating today, and passengers can transfer to Thameslink or Underground services. You will then take the empty stock to Kentish Town where it will reverse before forming its return working.


1C59 17.03 Scarborough to West Hampstead Thameslink

Traction: 170107

Duration: 70 minutes

Route covered: Bedford – Kentish Town – Cricklewood Depot


Midland Main Line operate one service each way serving Scarborough, on Saturdays only. This unit formed the 06.25 from West Hampstead Thameslink this morning, then stabled for just over six hours in the Yorkshire resort before returning with this train. Once underway you will call at Luton, and West Hampstead Thameslink. You will then take the unit empty to Cricklewood depot where it will stable for the night.

1F46 17.44 West Hampstead Thameslink to Leeds

Traction: 43047 + 43045

Duration: 45 Minutes

Route covered: Kentish Town – Bedford


With the August Bank Holiday closure of St.Pancras in full swing, set-up your cab at Kentish Town and await the signal to run empty to West Hampstead Thameslink. There you will board your passengers who have travelled by Thameslink or Underground services to this temporary railhead for Midland Main Line services. Once underway from there, you will run non-stop to Bedford. This is one of several Midland Main Line services to and from Leeds that allow HST sets to access their home maintenance depot at Neville Hill.


1J00 07.20 Bedford to Blackfriars

Traction: 319438

Duration: 60 minutes

Route covered: Bedford Carriage Sidings – Bedford – King’s Cross Thameslink


On a showery July morning, bring a class 319 unit off Bedford Carriage Sidings, and drive this limited-stop service as far as King’s Cross Thameslink, calling only at Flitwick, Harlington, and Leagrave.

5L24 08+48 Moorgate – Bedford Carriage Sidings

Traction: 319382 + 319368

Duration: 75 Minutes

Route covered: Kentish Town – Bedford – Bedford Carriage Sidings


Having completed their morning peak duties, take two units empty stock to Bedford. These two units formed the extremely busy 2L24 07.26 from Bedford to Moorgate this morning. With passenger levels much lower until this afternoon, they are booked to be stabled in Bedford Carriage Sidings, and will later come back into traffic for the afternoon rush hour. Joining the run at Kentish Town, you are booked to stand here to await your path and are scheduled to slot-in behind the regular passenger services. These empty stock workings are sometimes used by the signallers to ensure lesser-used sets of points remain in working order.

6E50 09.35 Langley Oil Terminal to Lindsey Oil Refinery (Part 1)

Traction: 37248

Duration: 25 minutes

Route covered: Cricklewood Sidings – Silkstream Junction


An empty oil train has failed near Silkstream Junction. You have been sent in a taxi from Willesden to Cricklewood, where 37248 is stabled for a ballast job tonight. In part 1, prepare the loco from cold, then follow the instructions of the Signaller and Mobile Operations Manager (MOM). Once coupled up you will be assisting the train forwards to Bedford in Part 2.

6E50 09.35 Langley Oil Terminal to Lindsey Oil Refinery (Part 2)

Traction: 37248

Duration: 70 minutes

Route covered: Cricklewood Sidings – Silkstream Junction


Having successfully attached to the failed train, you will now drive 37248 north towards Bedford hauling the failed class 60 and its train. The MOM will contact the signaller and inform them that you are ready to depart. You will then have to slot into the traffic as best possible, as the train has lost its booked path. Control advise that 37248 will haul the train to Toton where a replacement class 60 will be provided. The class 37 will then return light engine to Cricklewood ready for its booked ballast train tonight.


In order to enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following add-ons:



  • BedPan Line: London to Bedford
  • EWS and Freightliner Class 08


  • Class 37 locomotive pack volume 2
  • Class 43/MK3 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 43/MK3 (VP185) Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 66 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 170 Enhancement Pack #
  • Class 319 EMU Pack Volume 2
  • TDA Wagon Pack
  • Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
  • Wherry Lines route $


  • Class 60 Advanced
  • JJA Autoballaster PlusPak Advanced
  • Common Library (Included with any Just Trains route released after Newcastle to Edinburgh).


#          Note that these products have their own individual requirements.

$          Included for assets that are used to recreate speed restrictions.



20/09/20 – Version 1.1 update:

  • 1B09 scenario amended following report of an A.I. collision.


Huge thanks to the whole ATS team for their help and for hosting on , and to the testing team of Lewis Clowes, Dom Cazaux, and Josh Thorpe for testing the scenarios.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.

Special thanks to Armstrong Powerhouse for kindly allowing their backdated scenery around King’s Cross Thameslink to be used in these scenarios.

We do hope that you enjoy these scenarios as much as we enjoy making them!

Matt Carroll and Josh Thorpe,

WTT Scenarios

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