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1998 – 2002




This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the varied CrossCountry workings and rolling stock to be seen between Southampton and Bournemouth on the South Western mainline during the years 1998 to 2002, still the early days of privatisation.




There are 8 scenarios, giving around 6 hours of driving time. Key features include:

* Drive classes 31, 43 (HST), 47, 56 and 220/221s.

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as un-coupling and run/round procedure,       and end of service disposal.

* Infrastructure issues and operational challenges.

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries



Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract the contents to a convenient place. Copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder, and paste it into your RailWorks folder – Generally found here, unless installed on a different drive:

C:Program Files (x86) SteamsteamappscommonRailWorks


In the simulator all scenarios are prefixed:

[WTT] SP08 – xxxxxxxxxxx


[WTT] SP08 – 1O13 06:13 Edinburgh to Bournemouth – “The Dorset Scot” (For example)



1S37 11:20 Bournemouth to Edinburgh –     “The Wessex Scot” (2000)

Traction: 43155 & 43100

Duration: 50 minutes

Route covered: Bournemouth – Southampton


Virgin Trains ran several named Intercity expresses crossing the entirety of the railway network. One such example is one of the late morning Inter-Regional workings from Bournemouth to Edinburgh known as ‘The Wessex Scot’. Running via Southampton and Reading through to Oxford and Birmingham before Crewe and Warrington, this set forms off 1O04 – the 06:17 Manchester Piccadilly. Since laying over, you take control for the first leg East toward Southampton.

1O38 09:10 Edinburgh to Bournemouth (1998) Traction: 31466 & 31465

Duration: 40 minutes

Route covered: Southampton – Bournemouth


During the Summer of 1998, it was well-noted that 1O38 from Edinburgh to Bournemouth was worth covering for the enthusiastic individual as it was known to throw out any type of loco to cover for the ever-unreliable Class 47/8s. On June 27th a most unusual pairing of 31466 and 31465 were utilised. You are the lead driver from Southampton for the remainder of this service.

1M01 06:40 Poole to Liverpool Lime Street (2001)

Traction: 220002 & 220025

Duration: 30 Minutes

Route covered: Bournemouth – Southampton


The new wave of trains at the turn of the century was the Bombardier Class 220 and Class 221 ‘Voyager’ units built in Belgium. They were introduced in 2001 to replace the 20-year-old InterCity-125’s (HSTs) and 30-year-old Class 47 hauled MK2 fleets operating on the CrossCountry routes. One of the first services to be transitioned over to the Voyagers was the once a day Poole to Liverpool Lime Street train. After taking over at Bournemouth, you are now in charge of a pair of units through to Southampton.


1M81 18:14 Bournemouth to Manchester Piccadilly (1998)

Traction: 56019

Duration: 50 Minutes

Route covered: Bournemouth – Southampton


Summer Saturday’s were a favourite for the spotter-term “Anything goes!” covering for the ever-unreliable Class 47/8s. The infamous 1O38 from Edinburgh did not fail to surprise and today was no exception. Hailed as one of the ‘workings of the year’, 56019 was casually appointed to work the service from Birmingham down to Bournemouth and return later with 1M81. After a storming run South, it is now time for the return trip, and you are the driver in the hot seat as far as Southampton. Maximum speed is 80MPH.

1O11 06:13 Edinburgh to Bournemouth –   ‘The Dorset Scot’ (2002)

Traction: 43013 & 43103

Duration: 50 Minutes

Route covered: Southampton – Bournemouth


Heavy rain has led to flash flooding along parts of the South Western coast. The Met Office has reported that Hilton Admiral, near Bournemouth, saw 46mm of rainfall in just over a few hours overnight. Whilst the situation is set to improve, the damage is severe along that section of the mainline. This afternoon, you join 43013 on 1O11 – “The Dorset Scot” – at Southampton after a crew change and you are now in charge for the remainder of the service. Delays are expected as the situation grows worse…

1M14 14:18 Bournemouth to Manchester Piccadilly – “The Pines Express” (1999)

Traction: 47840

Duration: 35 Minutes

Route covered: Bournemouth – Southampton

Several XC workings throughout the day from Bournemouth terminated at Manchester Piccadilly – often alternating between the North East and Scotland services. Still retaining it’s original train name from the Intercity era, the ‘Pines Express’ was a service that performed a Manchester to Borurnemouth return. Since arriving on the inbound working, you are now the relief driver for the return as far as Southampton with the booked traction of a Class 47/8.


1O16 07:50 Glasgow Central to Bournemouth (2002)

Traction: 221107

Duration: 35 Minutes

Route covered: Southampton – Bournemouth

Since the successful introduction of the new Voyager units, alterations were made to the the service timetable which which saw CrossCountry workings expand their coverage to the South-West corridor. The introduction of the May timetable alterations saw the 06:20 from Edinburgh to Bournemouth axed in favour of a Birmingham-bound working. It was replaced with a service from Glasgow, retimed to run 90 minutes later: 1O16. After the scheduled crew stop in Southampton, you are now the driver for the last of the journey.


1O13 11:08 Newcastle to Bournemouth (2000)

Traction: 47841

Duration: 35 Minutes

Route covered: Southampton – Bournemouth

After 43065 was declared a failure at Birmingham, 1O13 was looking like it was destined to be cancelled there. However, 47841 and the short-formed loco hauled rake off 1V50 08:40 Glasgow to Penzance was utilised as a replacement for the redundant HST set and a spare West Coast DVT rake was pressed into service to take over 1V50. Now running around 30 minutes behind schedule, you have taken over the service at Southampton as lead driver for the remainder of the run to Bournemouth.


To enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following payware add-ons:



  • North Wales Coastal: Crewe to Holyhead*
  • South Western Mainline: Southampton to Waterloo
  • Class 31
  • Class 56
  • Class 57 ‘Freightliner’
  • Class 421
  • Class 421 ‘Southern’
  • Class 423
  • Class 442
  • Virgin Trains 1st Gen Pack*


  • Class 31 Enhancement Pack
  • Class 421/422/423 Sound Pack (+Extra Stock)
  • Class 43/MK3 (Valenta) Enhancement Pack
  • Class 47 Sound Pack (+Extra Stock)
  • Class 56 Enhancement Pack
  • FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
  • MK2D-F Coach Pack
  • Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
  • Wherry Lines


  • Class 220/221

To enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following freeware add-ons:


  • Class 220/221 Updated Consists
  • Class 421 South West Trains
  • Class 423 South West Trains
  • Class 442 South West Trains
  • HST: Branded Virgin West Coast & Virgin XC Pack
  • Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack


  • Battery TSR Signs


Items marked with a * are currently discontinued from the Steam store however they are still available on some 3rd party sites. If you do not own these products, the scenarios included within this pack may not work as intended.



For some reason that I was not able to fathom during scenario creation, scenarios that start at Southampton have red signals guarding the platform exits. Through trial and error, a manual TAB and a player Trigger TAB proved ineffective in granting clearance out of the station. If the signals do display a red aspect, please do check that you have a clear path out using the HUD map (key 9 on the keyboard).

Scenario 1M81 will show in the game as incomplete once you arrive at Southampton as the simulator believes the detachment at Bournemouth is wrong. I am not sure why this is as, as far as I am concerned, it is all accurate. Nevertheless, if you get to Southampton without incident, all should be well!


A huge thanks to the whole ATS team for their help and for hosting on, and to Lewis Clowes for testing the scenarios.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.


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