One of a series of quality scenario packs for Train Simulator 2022 created by Matt Carroll and Josh Thorpe. We aim to bring real railway operations to life as realistically as possible within the simulator environment.

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This scenario pack has been
researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records,  photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the pioneering Liverpool to Manchester railway line via Chat Moss, during the year 2017. 
This represents the timeframe between the start of electric services, and the introduction of the latest brand new rolling stock on Trans-Pennine and Northern services.


There are 8 scenarios, featuring accurate A.I. traffic and designed to represent some of the situations encountered by real-life drivers.

Key features include:

* Drive classes 37/0, 68, 175, 185, and 319.

* A mixture of fast and stopping passenger services, empty stock, and charter workings.

* Variations in weather

* Operational challenges such as late running and line closures

* Faults and failures

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries


1D32 17.50 Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead and Llandudno

Traction: 175004 + 175007

Duration: 45 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Mayfield Loop – Warrington Bank Quay

On an Autumn afternoon drive this peak service from Manchester as far as Warrington Bank Quay. This service is extremely busy which is why it is booked to be formed of 4 cars. The service divides at Llandudno Junction, with the rear unit forming a portion to Llandudno. You begin in Mayfield Loop, south of Manchester Piccadilly, where services reverse in order to depart back towards Deansgate. Once underway you will call at Manchester Oxford Rd, Newton-le-Willows, Earlestown, and Warrington Bank Quay.


1E73 12.20 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough

Traction: 185140

Duration: 80 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Piccadilly

On a fine Summer afternoon drive this lunchtime TransPennine departure from Liverpool as far as Manchester Piccadilly. This service is booked to run via Warrington Central. At departure time there are no known issues, however these things can change very quickly and the railway then faces the challenge of keeping the wheels moving.

 1F66 10.03 Newcastle to Liverpool Lime Street

Traction: 185123

Duration: 45 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Manchester Victoria – Liverpool Lime Street

On a freezing cold February afternoon take over a late-running service at Manchester Victoria and work it through to Liverpool. Delays on the other side of the Pennines have made this service around 35 minutes late. Although now running out of its booked path, Network Rail will try their best to
minimise further delays.

1Z69 18.14 Liverpool Lime Street to Cardiff Central

Traction: 68008 (+ 68026 DiT)

Duration: 45 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Liverpool Lime Street – Manchester Victoria

This is a day excursion from South Wales and Severnside offering a day visit to Manchester or Liverpool. The outwards run this morning was routed via Derby and the Hope Valley, and this return run will be via Macclesfield. Once underway you will drive the first stage of the return leg as far as Manchester Victoria, where you will be relieved.


1Z95 15.58 Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street

Traction: 37518

Duration: 55 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street

On a fine June evening, drive the final leg of this returning excursion. This excursion ran from Liverpool to Scarborough, and back as far as Milford Loop south of York, hauled by steam traction. 37518 then took over to return the train to Liverpool.

Although there were no advertised passenger stops between Manchester and Liverpool in the brochure, the operator has arranged an additional call at Huyton to set-down a party to assist with their onward travel. Maximum speed is 80mph.


2F20 06.47 Liverpool Lime Street to Warrington Bank Quay

Traction: 319376

Duration: 55 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Liverpool Lime Street to Warrington Bank Quay

 On a damp early-Autumn morning drive a class 319 unit on a stopping service from Liverpool to Warrington Bank Quay. Calling at all stations, these services provide important connections at Warrington for long-distance services on the West Coast Main Line and towards North Wales.


2F25 11.02 Manchester Victoria to Liverpool Lime Street

Traction: 319431

Duration: 100 minutes               Year: 2017

Route covered: Manchester Victoria – Liverpool Lime Street – Allerton Depot

Drive a late morning stopping service between Manchester Victoria and Liverpool on an unsettled June weekday. These services have long layovers at Manchester Victoria, so to avoid blocking a platform they shunt out to the reversing siding.

This service calls at all stations to Liverpool.

This unit was reported with door issues earlier this morning but so far it has been OK. Hopefully there will be no issues on this journey.


 5E62 05+28 Ardwick T.M.D. to Liverpool Lime Street

Traction: 185110

Duration: 75 minutes                 Year: 2017

Route covered: Manchester Piccadilly – Liverpool Lime Street

Trans-Pennine’s fleet of class 185s are serviced at a dedicated depot in Ardwick, south of Manchester Piccadilly. Units run empty from and to the depot at the start and end of the day as part of their diagrams. You have brought this unit off Ardwick depot and have stopped in Manchester Piccadilly as booked to collect your guard. Once underway you will
drive empty to Liverpool Lime Street where this unit will form 1E62 07.12 to Newcastle. Several other trains are running empty to begin their day’s work and despite the early hour the network is starting to get busy.


In order to enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following add-ons:



ATS Chat Moss route #      
ATS / Imbue Studios Class 185 DMU (including extra stock)        
Drax Biomass Wagons by NYMR (Jake Fuller)


Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 1

Class 66 Enhancement Pack #        
Class 67 Enhancement Pack #
Class 68 Enhancement Pack #

Class 90 / Mark 3 DVT Loco Pack

Class 90 Freightliner Loco Pack
Class 142 DMU
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack #        
Class 150/2 DMU        
Class 156 DMU        
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack #      
Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack #
Class 175 Enhancement Pack v2.0 # 
Class 319 EMU Volume 1        
Class 325 Enhancement Pack #        
Class 350 Enhancement Pack #  
Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1     
Mark 2A – 2C Coach Pack        
Mark 2D – 2F Coach Pack        
HKA / JMA Wagon Pack        
JHA Wagon Pack

JNA-C Wagon Pack        
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack



European Loco & Asset Pack (included with early versions of TS)·        
Birmingham Cross City Line Route        
Settle to Carlisle Route        
EWS Class 92 Locomotive Add-on        
Class 390 EMU Add-on (Original by S9BL)        
YLA Mullet Wagon (TS Marketplace)        
YQA Parr Wagon (TS Marketplace)        
YQA Super Trench Wagon (TS Marketplace)



Common Library (Included with any recent Just Trains route)        
Class 60 Advanced        
Voyager Advanced 2019


#        Note that these products have their own individual requirements.


·     None



Thanks to the whole ATS team for their help, for hosting on , and for allowing the inclusion of assets within this scenario pack.

Thank you to Richard Fletcher / Vulcan Productions for kindly allowing the use and inclusion of an asset essential to the functionality of these scenarios.

Massive and grateful thanks also to Dom Cazaux, Jake Fuller, Thomas King, Barry Price, and Matthew Richter for their invaluable help with testing the scenarios, and their incredible encouragement throughout.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.

We do hope that you enjoy these scenarios as much as we enjoy making them!

Matt Carroll and Josh Thorpe,

WTT Scenarios

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