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This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the South Western Main Line between Waterloo and Woking, and the ‘Portsmouth Direct’ line between Woking and Portsmouth Harbour, during the year 2009.


There are 8 scenarios, featuring accurate A.I. traffic and designed to represent some of the situations encountered by real-life drivers.

Key features include:

* Drive classes 37/0, 66, 158, 444, 450, and 455.

* A mixture of fast and stopping passenger services, empty stock, and freight workings.

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as locomotive run-rounds, and train preparation and disposal.

* Temporary and emergency speed restrictions.

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries


GSM-r in-cab radios were not in use at this time, therefore no details of registration codes etc. are provided.

As this route and the volume of traffic upon it can become very intensive, we have selectively reduced the amount of static A.I. consists in the busiest areas, such as Waterloo, Clapham Junction, and Wimbledon. This is to balance the accuracy of the scenario against its performance, with the main focus being on the moving A.I. We hope that does not distract from the overall feeling of the run.

Because of the intensity of traffic at the London end of the route, there is an alternative version of the 2F18 scenario included which has fewer A.I. services in this area. The reductions have been made on the peripheries and should not detract too much from the overall feel of the run. Additionally, this version of the scenario reduces the overall requirements – please see the requirements list below.


1Z63 06.10 Norwich to Portsmouth Harbour (Part 1)

Traction: 37229 + 37194

Duration: 120 minutes

Route covered: Addlestone – Fratton

On an Autumn Saturday you are driving the outwards leg of a day trip railtour from Norwich to Portsmouth Harbour. A pair of un-refurbished DRS class 37s are at the helm today. The level crossing barriers at Addlestone are playing up and staff are in attendance. When you get the signal you may proceed. In order to reverse at Portsmouth Harbour, you will be stopping at Fratton where the leading loco will need to run-round to the rear of the train, which will then  proceed ‘top and tail’.

1Z63 06.10 Norwich to Portsmouth Harbour (Part 2)

Traction: 37194 (+ 37229 dead in tow)

Duration: 20 minutes

Route covered: Fratton – Portsmouth Harbour

With 37229 now on the rear of the train the brake test has been completed. You will drive to Portsmouth Harbour where the passengers will have a short leg-stretch before continuing their journey along the coast towards Littlehampton and Bognor Regis. With paths along this short but busy stretch of line at a premium, you will be dodging service trains all the way. In order to accommodate this train, the unit which arrived from Waterloo at
13.18 will shunt out of platform 5 at Portsmouth Harbour before returning to form its booked 13.55 departure.

1Z64 13.47 Portsmouth Harbour to Bognor Regis

Traction: 37229 (+ 37194 dead in tow)

Duration: 35 minutes

Route covered: Portsmouth Harbour – Havant

Today’s railtour of the south coast continues eastwards and will visit the termini at Littlehampton and Bognor Regis, before returning to Norwich via the South Central Division. Drive the next leg of the tour between Portsmouth Harbour and Havant, where you will be relieved. 

2F18 08.20 Guildford to London Waterloo

Traction: 455722 + 455871

Duration: 75 minutes

Route covered: Guildford London Road – Guildford – Woking – London Waterloo

On a dry weekday morning drive a pair of class 455 units on a shoulder peak Up stopping service. You begin at Guildford London Road on the last part of the outwards working, the 07.03 from Waterloo to Guildford via Cobham. Due to an issue with a passenger at Claygate you are running 12 minutes late. On arrival at Guildford, set your destination blinds to read ‘Waterloo via Woking (75)’. You will hopefully get away on time, and will call at
Woking, then all stations to Surbiton, then Wimbledon, Earlsfield, Clapham Jn., Vauxhall, and Waterloo.

Note, there is an alternative version of this scenario included, which features fewer A.I. trains. This will hopefully improve performance on some systems, without losing too much of the feel of the scenario.

2P01 04.40 Havant to Portsmouth Harbour / 2P14 05.19
Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo

Traction: 450045 + 450055

Duration: 170 minutes

Route covered: Fratton Depot – Havant – Portsmouth Harbour – Haslemere – Portsmouth Harbour

Summer storms have passed through the South of England over the past 24 hours and you are booked to take a very early departure from Fratton depot. Prepare your pair of class 450s and run empty to Havant to form a service to Portsmouth Harbour, then drive an early departure bound for London. The weather is expected to have caused some issues on the line. 

2P17 08.00 London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour

Traction: 444015

Duration: 135 minutes

Route covered: London Waterloo – Portsmouth Harbour

444015 has been berthed at Waterloo after working the 21.10 from Weymouth last night. Prepare the unit for service following the procedure in the manual. Once prepared change the destination display to show ‘Portsmouth Harbour Stopping Service’ and release the doors to allow passengers to board. Once underway you will call at Clapham Jn, Woking, Guildford, then all stations to Portsmouth Harbour with the exception of Hilsea.

On Sunday mornings, routine track patrols mean that services are booked to weave between Fast and Slow lines. There is a 10mph emergency speed restriction on the approach to Weybridge on the Down Slow line, and a 50mph TSR on the Down Fast line in the West Byfleet area.

5Y97 19+33 Southampton Central to Fratton C.S.D.

Traction: 158885

Duration: 35 minutes

Route covered: Cosham – Fratton Fuel Point – Fratton Depot

On a Summer evening, you are returning one of SWT’s class 158 units to Fratton depot. You have been following a Southern service from Southampton, which is being delayed slightly in Cosham station up ahead. This unit has been working on the local services between Salisbury, Romsey, and Totton today. It will be stabled overnight in Fratton and work a different diagram on the same services tomorrow. You first need to stop in Fratton station where your guard will get off. You will then be given instructions for fuelling, washing, and stabling the unit on the depot.

6Y33 13.54 Holybourne Oil Terminal to Eastleigh East Yard

Traction: 66051

Duration: 75 minutes

Route covered: Guildford – Cosham

This train is the only regular freight on the ‘Pompey Direct’. It carries sweet crude oil, which comes from Lasham oil beds by pipeline, from Holybourne to Eastleigh. It is then tripped forward to Fawley refinery. Booked to run on
Wednesdays and Fridays, there are also ‘as-required’ paths on the remaining weekdays. Maximum speed is 60mph. There is a 20mph TSR in force for freight trains just south of Burlton Tunnel.

These trains utilised TEA tank wagons, but for this scenario TDA-D wagons are used to take advantage of their physics.


In order to enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following add-ons:


* Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo to Portsmouth Route

* European Loco & Asset Pack (included with early versions of TS)

* Gatwick Express Class 442 ‘Wessex’ EMU **


* Class 37 Locomotive Pack Volume 2 (From update 15/07/21 or later)

* Class 66 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack #

* Class 319 EMU Volumes 1 and 2 **

* Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack #

* Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack

* Class 455 Enhancement Pack Volume 2 #

* Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack Volume 1 # **

* Mark 1 Coach Pack Volume 1

* Mark 2A – 2C Coach Pack

* JNA-C Wagon Pack

* TDA-D Wagon Pack

* Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (From update 15/07/21 or later)


* Common Library (Included with any recent Just Trains route)

* Voyager Advanced 2019

* JJB Autoballaster PlusPak Advanced


# Note that these products have their own individual requirements.

** These items are only required for the 2F18 scenario, and if using the ‘Reduced A.I.’ version of the scenario, these items are not required at all.




Thanks to the whole ATS team for their help, for hosting on , and for allowing the inclusion of TSR/ESR assets within this scenario pack.

Thank you to Richard Fletcher / Vulcan Productions for kindly allowing the use and inclusion of an asset essential to the functionality of these scenarios.

Massive and grateful thanks also to Dom Cazaux, Jake Fuller, and Thomas King for their invaluable help with testing the scenarios, and their incredible encouragement throughout.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible. We do hope that you enjoy these scenarios as much as we enjoy making them!

Matt Carroll and Josh Thorpe,
WTT Scenarios

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