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This pack has been researched using archive Working Timetables, rolling stock allocation and livery records, photographic records, and other source materials. What you see is hopefully a realistic representation of the varied third rail workings and rolling stock to be seen between the busy hustle and bustle of London Victoria and the picturesque towns and villages of Kent & the Medway Valley situated along the Chatham mainline, in the years 2010 to 2011.



There are 11 scenarios, giving around 10 hours of driving time. Key features include:

* Drive classes 66, 319, 375, 395, 465 and 466

* Variations in weather

* Operational requirements such as un-coupling and end of service disposal.

* Infrastructure issues and operational challenges.

* Accurate A.I. traffic reflecting the appropriate timetable, with realistic stock allocations and liveries



Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract the contents to a convenient place. Copy the enclosed ‘Content’ folder, and paste it into your RailWorks folder – Generally found here, unless installed on a different drive:

C:Program Files (x86) SteamsteamappscommonRailWorks


In the simulator all scenarios are prefixed:

[WTT SP10] – xxxxxxxxxxx


[WTT SP10] 2K24 14:24 London Victoria to Canterbury East

(For example)



1E59 15:32 Sevenoaks to Bedford

Traction: 319365

Duration: 40 minutes

Route covered: Swanley – Loughborough Jn.  


Out of peak hours, Thameslink provide an hourly service from Kentish Town and/or West Hampstead Thameslink to the civil parish of Sevenoaks in Kent. Typically, the traction booked for these services is awarded to those of the Class 319 EMUs – First Capital Connect’s core suburban arsenal. After coming down on an afternoon service, you join 319365 at Swanley on the return journey which is the first of the extended peak services towards alternate destinations, this first being Bedford. You are lead driver in charge as far as Loughborough Junction.

1P52 16:04 Ramsgate & Dover Priory to London Victoria

Traction: 375705, 375622 & 375814

Duration: 60 minutes

Route covered: Rainham – London Victoria


The first of the Kent to London expresses to be extended to 12 coaches for the evening peak is 1P52 – an 8-car service from Ramsgate which joins with a further 4 cars at Faversham from Dover Priory. After taking over the service at Rainham, you are now in charge for the remainder of the journey this evening into Victoria.

1T91 06:56 Maidstone West to St Pancras International

Traction: 395016

Duration: 30 Minutes

Route covered: Maidstone West – Gravesend


As a direct link into the High Speed 1 terminus of London St Pancras International, Southeastern lay down additional morning and evening peak services to/from to the Central Medway town of Maidstone, Kent. Since running up ECS you are now in charge of 395016 on the return as far as Gravesend calling at Strood en-route. As to be expected for an early Wednesday morning in Medway, there are no booked delays.


2D10 06:10 Orpington to London Victoria

Traction: 465010 & 465187

Duration: 40 Minutes

Route covered: Orpington – London Victoria


Heavy rain overnight has led to flash flooding in some areas of outer-Suburban London. As a result of said floods, the allocated driver for SET diagram SX904 is unable to get into work in time. As a result, you have been called in at short notice to cover, starting the day with 2D10: the 06:10 all-stopper from Orpington through to Victoria. The weather is atrocious out there so drive extra carefully.


2K24 14:24 London Victoria to Canterbury East

Traction: 375911

Duration: 75 Minutes

Route covered: London Victoria – Rainham


Monday’s to Saturday’s, Southeastern provide an hourly service between London’s Victoria station to the Kent towns of Ramsgate and/or Dover Priory. However, on Sunday’s this service is superseded by a lower priority serviced which is axed short at Canterbury East rather than running through to the coast. It is just after lunchtime and you are the driver of the 14:24 departure as far as Rainham.


2K76 14:32 Gillingham to London Victoria

Traction: 465916

Duration: 70 Minutes

Route covered: Gillingham – London Victoria

Afternoon. Gillingham is served by over 5 trains per hour to London making it one of the busiest stations in Kent. 2 of these services are for the Southerly terminus of Victoria, the latter shared between an express and a stopping service. Heavy snowfall overnight has led to a thick coating across the whole of the South East of the UK, which is just what the Railway needs after the busy festive break. You are now in charge of the 14:32 stopper through to London. There is no more snow forecast for the rest of the day but that does not falter from the icy conditions. Drive carefully.


2L25 16:09 Kentish Town to Orpington

Traction: 319013 & 319010

Duration: 35 Minutes

Route covered: Loughborough Jn. – Orpington


Orpington is served by just a handful of First Capital Connect services in the day, the services running in the path of the hourly Sevenoaks services from Kentish town before diverging off the Chatham Mainline at Bickley Junction. The first and only service of the evening to Orpington is 2L25: the 16:09 service from Kentish Town and you have just joined the train as lead driver at Loughborough Junction.

2N22 09:26 Charing Cross to Gravesend / 5N22 10:30 Gravesend to Gillingham Depot

Traction: 465045, 465011 & 466019

Duration: 45 Minutes

Route covered: Gravesend – Gillingham Depot

Good morning driver. Gravesend receives a half-hourly service from London’s Charing Cross station with services extended from Canon Street during the Morning and Evening rush. Typically, all services terminate at Gravesend and then form a return service however one unit diagram goes against the norm and instead goes ECS to Gillingham E.M.U.D. for stabling between peaks. You are the driver in charge for this portion of the diagram. After departure from Gravesend, it should be non-stop through to the depot at Gillingham where you will receive information on the stabling of the units from there.  


2T64 20:05 Strood to Maidstone West / 2T63 20:32 Maidstone West to Strood

Traction: 466006

Duration: 55 Minutes

Route covered: Strood – Maidstone West – Strood

To serve the Medway Valley towns, Southeastern lay down a shuttle service between Strood and Maidstone with some services extended beyond to either Paddock Wood and/or Tonbridge. As for most branch lines, capacity is not the priority and as a result, the small Networker fleet of 466s are typically deployed on the route. Tonight, you oversee a return journey between Strood and Maidstone calling at all stations both ways.



6Z18 12:35 Hither Green to Allington Stone Terminal (Part 1)

Traction: 66031

Duration: 55 Minutes

Route covered: Wandsworth Road – Swanley Jn.

Allington Quarry extracts thousands of tonnes of stone each year and has done ever since it’s building in 1790. The resources extracted are used in local building and transport schemes – probably most famously the building of the Channel Tunnel. However, each week a loaded train comes to the terminal in Kent to provide the quarry workers additional resources, from Hither Green in South East London. After navigating most of the beating heart of London’s railway, you now pick up the train as lead driver as far as Swanley Junction.


6Z18 12:35 Hither Green to Allington Stone Terminal (Part 2)

Traction: 66031

Duration: 55 Minutes

Route covered: Tonbridge – Allington Stone Terminal

Afternoon. Time has passed and you have now resumed as lead driver on 6Z18’s journey across Kent. You are now at Tonbridge Junction and are on the final leg to the stone terminal. As you are a freight service, your priority will be low, just like before so please stay vigilant for any cautionary signals. Upon arrival at Allington you will be informed about the transference of wagons to the workers at the stone terminal. The fog does not appear to have lifted from earlier, so we still have this to contend with as well. Carefully does it…


To enjoy these scenarios, you will require the following add-ons:



*Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines

*East Coast Mainline South: London to Peterborough

*Class 08

*Class 31

*Class 59

*Class 66 EWS

*Class 66 Freightliner

*Class 442

*Class 455/8

*Class 460

*Class 465


*Class 31 Enhancement Pack

*Class 66 Enhancement Pack

*Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack (Vol. 1)

*Class 319 Electric Multiple Unit Pack (Vol. 2)

*Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack

*Class 456 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

*Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack (Vol. 1)

*BAA/BZA Wagon Pack

*FTA/FSA Wagon Pack

*JHA Wagon Pack

*JNA-c Wagon Pack

*JPA Wagon Pack

*TDA Wagon Pack

*Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

*Wherry Lines



*JJA Autoballaster

*Common Library (Included with all routes after Newcastle to Edinburgh)



*Class 395 Destinations

*Networker Destinations Pack


Whilst the scenarios featured in the route are for the years 2010 to 2011, the route is set in a 2016+ era and as a result some minor route inconsistency are present. The new Rochester station being one of them.

Due to the nature of the route used, some scenarios are extremely resource intensive and are liable to the feared TS “dump” – 1P52 in particular. We therefore suggest you either lower your settings to run the scenario smoothly or save at frequent intervals as to avoid an in-game crash.


A huge thanks to the whole ATS team for their help and for hosting on, and Chris Horsfield for assistance in unit diagrams.

Thank you to all the developers whose creations have made these scenarios possible.

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