Virtual District Team T/Op Man E.C. Edition Scenario Pack Payware ( Charity )


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This Top Man EC edition scenario pack is a special set of six scenarios operating the Virtual District Line C69 and D78 stocks in a variety of situations and typical workings. They will require skilled driving and close attention to what is going on around you, and will present a number of situations that you may not have encountered before. AI traffic is extensive and dense, employing typical service headways as short as 3 minutes between trains. Each scenario includes realistic in-train announcements, recorded specifically for the VDL by the “voice of the District line” Emma Clarke. We have also made extensive use of the Armstrong Powerhouse AP Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack to employ very differing weather conditions.
Proceeds from the sales of this Top Man EC Scenario Pack will be donated to the London Transport Museum Q Stock restoration project – so your purchase will have a direct impact on helping the Museum bring a classic Q38 back to life.

The Top Man EC Scenario Guide (30 pgs) will be found in <TS>/Manuals/EN after kit installation.


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