Leeds Lines Scenario Pack 2019 to 2020


Included in this pack are 4 Scenarios showcasing life on the
Doncaster To Leeds and York Lines. They have been picked
from real life timetables from 2019 and 2020. Each Scenario
presents its own challenge with some being more challenging
than others. 

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Scenario 1 = 1V52 0701 Edinburgh to Plymouth

Train = Class 221 Super Voyager (Just Trains)

Journey = York to Wakefield Westgate

Weather = Cloudy Showers

Difficulty = 1/5

In this Scenario you take 221122 from York To Wakefield Westgate Calling At
Leeds and Wakefield Westgate depending on how quick you get to Leeds you
may have to sit outside Leeds For a bit but that’s about it for Difficulty on this

Scenario 2 = 1D10 1033 London Kings Cross to Leeds

Train = A Class 91

Journey = Doncaster to Leeds

Weather = Clear

Difficulty = 2/5

In this Scenario you start outside Doncaster waiting for an Edinburgh
Service to Depart platform 4 Due to Platform 8 having a points Failure.
You then form a service to Leeds Calling at Wakefield Westgate and

Scenario 3 = 1E35 1154 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough

Train = Class 68 Nova 3 Set

Journey = Leeds to York Via Garforth

Weather = Cloudy

Difficulty 3/5

In this Scenario you are driving 68034 from Leeds to York Calling at
Garforth on the way You need to Stay vigilant but will eventually reach

Scenario 4 = 2B76 1627 Doncaster to Leeds

Train = Class 322

Journey = Doncaster To Leeds Stopping

Weather = Torrential Rain (Typical British Weather)

Difficulty 3/5

In this Scenario you are driving a Class 322 On an all stops service from
Doncaster to Leeds Due to bad weather you must remember to brake
earlier when coming into stations. 



-Leeds Lines Phase 2

-Nova 3

-LNER Class 225


-LNER Azuma class 800

-Northern class 321 reskin

Armstrong Powerhouse

-AP Class 320/321/322

-AP Class 150/2

-AP Class 158 Cummings EP

-AP Class 170 EP

-AP Class 91 MK4 EP

-AP Class 43 MTU EP

-AP Class 43 VP185 EP

-AP Class 68 EP

-AP Class 37 Pack Vol 1

-AP Class 66 EP

-AP Class 220/221 sound pack

Just Trains

-Voyager Advanced 2019

-Class 153 Advanced


-Class 801

-Class 180 Grand Central

Major Wales Design

-Class 180 Revamp Pack

-Northern class 155 Reskin

I hope you enjoy this Scenario Pack I really enjoyed making it. All scenarios have
been vigorously tested to check everything works properly however if any errors
occur please don’t hesitate to email me and ill get it sorted if I can

[email protected]

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