Just Trains BR Standard Class 5MT Advanced


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This collection includes highly detailed BR 5MT locomotives in six variants, five tender types and three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coach. Drivers can enjoy a huge range of genuinely Advanced features, realistically operating controls, accurate animations, amazing smoke and steam effects, and 13 scenarios with a total driving time of around 22 hours.

Also included are an ActivHints system to help you master these locomotives and an ActivFireman to take over firing duties!


The British Railways Standard Class 5MT was a class of 4-6-0 steam locomotives of which 172 were built between 1951 and 1957. You can now celebrate the successes and remember the histories of the BR 5MT Class with this Just Trains British Railways Standard MT Advanced collection, packed with Advanced features and developed to the very highest standards.

Locomotives – this collection features highly detailed BR 5MT locomotives in six variants, with black and green liveries in clean, intermediate and heavily weathered conditions. Region-dependent details are available on all variants. These can be set via the Scenario Editor and include Western Region lamps for Western Region locomotives and Southern Region discs with lamp irons on the smokebox door for Southern Region loco’s.

Unique to the 5MT Advanced are two brand new features that will assist both novice and experienced drivers!

ActivHints – this will post messages to help you drive and fire the locomotive so that it runs efficiently. ActivHints can be toggled on/off.

ActivFireman – as a new driver of steam locomotives you may not be sure about how to control the firing and watering of the boiler. No problem! Switch on ActivFireman and he will take good care of all of that work while you drive!

Tenders – also included are BR1, BR1B, BR1C, BR1G and BR1H tender types, Black and green liveries in clean, intermediate and weathered conditions are included for each type of tender. The clean tenders are further split into early emblem and late crest versions, but the intermediate and weathered versions are late crest only. The locomotive cab automatically converts itself to the correct type depending on which tender is coupled behind it.

Coaches – completing this Advanced 5MT package are three types of Just Trains Mk.1 coach (Brake Standard Open, First Open and Tourist Standard Open), all complete with passenger view, a unique leaking steam effect from the coach heating system and connecting vacuum hose pipes and steam heat pipes.

The Just Trains BR Standard 5MT Advanced is probably the most authentic and realistic steam locomotive available to date and comes with a unique Switcher utility to allow a Simple version to be driven and 13 exciting scenarios, (some requiring additional payware routes) with an approximate total duration time of around 22 hours! Three Free Roam scenarios are also included.

See the Detailed Description section for the full list of Advanced features!


We have worked to replicate as far as possible the typical operations of a real steam locomotive. Fully replicating a realistic steam locomotive in Train Simulator is simply not possible, but we have added features which bring that dream closer to reality and give you a genuine feeling of what the real locomotive is like.

Unfortunately one of Train Simulator’s limitations is that you cannot start with a steam loco cold, i.e. without its fire lit, but with the 5MT Advanced you have the opportunity to join the loco at the ‘warm’ stage where it is nearly ready to drive but still requires several operations to be carried out to ensure that it runs efficiently, namely filling the sandboxes, cleaning out the dust and dirt from the smokebox, priming the oil system via the oil distributor pump, and blowing down the boiler to help remove impurities. These may not be a fully accurate set of operations with the engine warm, but they are the most authentic currently available to us.

  • ActivHints – a new training system that can be toggled on and off at any time, with useful hints and tips for operating the loco and notification of urgent matters which require your attention
  • ActivFireman – a brand-new custom AI fireman built specifically for Just Trains’ Advanced steam locomotives. When activated, he’ll take over the firing responsibilities so that you can just enjoy the drive.
  • Simulated slide-type regulator
  • Operating snifter/anti-vacuum valves
  • Realistic reverser behaviour – lock the reverser in place when the loco is stationary!
  • Realistic vacuum and steam brake simulation
  • Scripted Automatic Warning System (AWS)
  • Scripted wheel animation, wheelslip and wheelskid
  • Chuff sounds, exhaust effects, and advanced photorealistic smoke and steam effects
  • Weather and seasons have a direct effect on adhesion
  • Realistic water levels and gauges
  • Regulator jamming
  • Permanent damage and solvable performance suppressions
  • Directional sanders
  • Fully modelled 3D firebox interior
  • Glowing embers
  • Realistic dampers and fire temperature control
  • Intelligent and Advanced firing
  • Davies & Metcalfe exhaust injector
  • Working tender water gauge
  • Warm and Hot modes – prepare your loco in Warm mode by opening the smokebox door to clear out the ash, prime the lubricators, fill the sandboxes and conduct the boiler blowdown to blow out impurities in the water. Alternatively, start off in Hot mode, in which all of these tasks have been completed and you’re ready to go.
  • Choice of Advanced or Simple driving mode – use the simple Switcher utility to swap between them
  • Steam heat control and carriage steam heating
  • Intelligent communication – intelligent communication is provided between a growing number of Just Trains locomotives – couple one or more 5MTs together, or double-head with a Just Trains 4MT, Clan, Britannia or Manor, for synchronised control of cylinder drain cocks and regulator, and to communicate with a little toot on the whistle!
  • Realistic and detailed external animations
  • Fully customisable headcodes – preselect the desired headcode for both the player and the AI locomotives in the Scenario Editor
  • Visible raindrops
  • Advanced AI
  • Tender controls
  • Operating Bardic lamp
  • Double-header locomotive interaction
  • Whistle options – Western Region bell whistle or Southern Region chime whistle
  • Directional sanders – remember to fill the sandboxes!
  • Operating fore and aft rocking firebox grates
  • Shed plates – individual shed plate codes can be selected
  • Realistic steam chest behaviour
  • Cylinder drain cocks
  • Priming simulation
  • Realistic injector performance and steam usage
  • Water gauges
  • Realistic damper behaviour
  • Head and tail lights – customisable for all conditions


British Rail Maroon, Green Southern Region and Chocolate and Cream plus WCR Red Just Trains Mk.1s are included.


Please note also that not all these routes are included in Train Simulator by default and are not supplied with this product. You can purchase them from the Just Trains website or from the STEAMstore.

Standard scenarios

Somerset & Dorset Railway Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – A Bunch of Fives
Duration: 65 minutes
Drive a pair of Standard 5MTs on The Pines Express from Bath to Templecombe.

JT BR5MT – Van Train
Duration: 70 minutes
Drive 73068 on a van train from Radstock to Templecombe, but first you must take your loco from Bath Green Park MPD to the yard at Radstock.

Scottish East Coast Mainline

JT BR5MT – The Scotch Explorer Part 1
Duration: 100 minutes
Drive 73096 on ‘The Scotch Explorer’, returning from Dundee to London Kings Cross over the course of two days. In Part 1 you will drive the train from Dundee to Edinburgh, the loco having worked north in the morning.

Newcastle to Edinburgh

JT BR5MT – The Scotch Explorer Part 2
Duration 150 minutes
Drive 73096 in Part 2 of the Scotch Explorer from Edinburgh to Kings Cross as far as Newcastle. You will make a short stop at Crag Mill loop en-route.

East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – The Scotch Explorer Part 3
Duration: 120 minutes
Drive 73096 on the last leg of its mammoth journey from Edinburgh to Kings Cross. You will take control at the exit from Peterborough Yard, where the train has taken water, and will then haul the train all the way to London Kings Cross, stopping en route at Stevenage.

Bristol to Exeter

JT BR5MT – Cornwall Bound Part 1
Duration: 80 minutes
Drive 73096 from Bristol to Exeter whilst working a railtour to Par in Cornwall. You will make stops at Yatton, Highbridge, Taunton and finally Exeter.

The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – Cornwall Bound Part 2
Duration: 45 minutes
Drive 73096 on the second leg of its journey from Bristol to Par. You will be in control for the non-stop section to Newton Abbot, where a booked stop will be made.

Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – Standard to Stranraer
Duration: 120 minutes
Drive a BR 5MT from Castle Douglas to Stranraer in heavy snow while hauling an essential mixed freight train. Will you make it over the mountains with your important but heavy load?

West Coast Mainline North Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – The Scottish Lowlander
Duration: 82 minutes
Drive 73096 from Carlisle to Carstairs with ‘The Scottish Lowlander’ on 27 September 2014. The train is booked to run non-stop with very tight timings. Good luck, driver!

Portsmouth Direct Line Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – Standard to The Sea
Duration: 100 minutes
Drive 73096 from Woking to Portsmouth Harbour on a ‘Cathedrals Express’. You will make stops at Haslemere and Havant en route.

Mid Hants Railway

JT BR5MT – Standard Photo Charter
Duration: 60 minutes
Drive 73096 on a photo charter on the Mid Hants Railway. You will perform a number of run pasts between Alresford and Medstead before returning to Alresford.

West Highland Line (South) Route Add-on

JT BR5MT – Glasgow Bound
Duration: 210 minutes
Drive a Standard Class 5MT pairing on the 16:15 Fort William-Kings Cross in the summer of 1961, it’s a gorgeous summer’s evening and you should run problem free throughout!

JT BR5MT – Morning Freight
Duration: 120 minutes
Drive a 5MT on an early morning freight during a freezing dawn in January 1960. Will you have the skills to get this heavy load over Rannoch Moor?

Free Roam scenarios

Click on a train and take it for a drive on these routes:

  • Somerset & Dorset Railway Route Add-on
  • West Highland Line (South) Route Add-on
  • Mid Hants Railway

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2019Note: Some of the included scenarios require that you have the European Asset Pack (available to purchase from the STEAM store) installedNote: The routes required for the included scenarios may not be included in Train Simulator by default and are not supplied with this product. You can purchase them from the Just Trains website or from the STEAM store.
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 512MB RAM (1GB for Vista)
  • 256MB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8 /7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 1.2GB hard drive space