Intercity Settle & Carlisle Explorer


A collection of eight scenarios lasting over nine hours driving a class 86 from Euston to Carlisle and back via the Settle & Carlisle line.

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Intercity Settle & Carlisle Explorer

This collection of eight scenarios represents a rail tour that will run on the 9th of October 2021 travelling from Euston to Carlisle and back via the WCML and the Settle to Carlisle line.I have gone for as much standard DLC and a minimum of reskins/patches as possible.

Part one sees the tour set off from Euston as far as Rugby using DTG’s WCML South. (70 Minutes)

Part two is from Rugby to Stafford on WCML Trent Valley. (55 Minutes)                             

Part three covers Stafford to Preston on ATS Midlands & Northwest AKA the “Missing Link” V.3.X. (60 Minutes)   

Part four runs from Settle Junction to Carlisle on the Settle to Carlisle route. (110 Minutes)

Part five sees the start of the return journey and covers Carlisle to Preston on WCML Over Shap. (70 Minutes)

Part six goes from Preston to Stafford again on “The Missing Link”. (60 Minutes)

Part seven uses the WCML TV again and covers Stafford to Rugby. (55 Minutes)

Part eight and the final leg covers Rugby to Euston on WCML South. (90 Minutes)

Requirements for all eight parts.Armstrong

Powerhouse FSA Wagon Pack                                                             

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 375/377 EP

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 Valenta                                                           

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90/Mk3 DVT

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 86                                                                               

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Pack 01          

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90 Freightliner

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158P                                                                       

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158/159

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 68                                                                                 

Armstrong Powerhouse AP Weather Pack

Steam Chatham & Medway Valley Line

Steam  Class 325 EMU


ATS Missing Link V3.X

ATS Class 350 Cab & Passenger View

ATS Class 66 GBRf 2018

Major Wales Design Class 390 Revamp Pack

Virtual District Line

All the above will need ALL their own requirements installed and working.

The real railtour is advertised as being hauled by a pair of Class 47 locomotives over the S&C line. I had to use a Class 68 for two reasons, AFAIK there is no ICS reskin for a Class 47 and the only one available in LSL BR green has a scripting conflict and refuses to move with the consist of AP C86, Mk3’s and DVT.

I have used Ben’s 390 Revamp pack because it does not rely on owning the defunct stand-alone C390 for the reskins. It also happens to be rather good!

Based on the non-Covid winter timetable on RTT and the expected timings on the tour operator’s website.

Depending on how fast you can drive you may have some wait for higher priority passenger services. So, I suggest having Aysync enabled.

The longest wait I had out of all scenarios in testing was outside Carlisle of approximately eight minutes in part four.

Lastly, I hope you like a challenge because you not only have to contend with wheel slip but also the neutral sections and in the later parts it is dark as well.

I have included csv’s in the download of the stock used in each part.
64 Bit only tested on a machine with 32 Gb of RAM and part one is over 8Gb of RAM usage at 1920X1080 and all the scenery sliders on maximum.


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