[CB] A Metropolitan Day – First Edition


Introducing the first edition of three… “A Metropolitan Day”

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Introducing the first edition of three… “A Metropolitan Day”

Experience first hand at prototypical London at its most-quiet and busiest of times as you drive S8 Stock in and out of Central London towards the Uxbridge district of London. Featuring 9 scenarios on services that would see day-to-day action between Aldgate and Uxbridge with two special scenarios, including depot runs and uncommon passenger runs! Estimated run of nearly 6 hours worth of challenging signalling and realistic-based stock (with realistic weather patterns too) coherent to the date of the scenario’s setting (if you have the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack it is recommended to download Leander’s Kuju Sky & Weather EP Patch available on ATS to get the realistic weather patterns).


~ JustTrain’s Metropolitan Line

~ JustTrain’s Chiltern Mainline

~ JustTrain’s S7+1 Stock

+ Jerome94’s Circle Line S7 Destinations

+ Jerome94’s District Line S7 Destinations

+ Jerome94’s Hammersmith & City S7 Destinations


~ JustTrain’s S8 Stock

~ Backdated TrainSim/VDL Team’s Virtual District Line


– Backdated Train Sim, Jerome94 for permission to use their assets/patches with the scenarios.

– Private Tester Team [Gareth & Duggy68] for providing valuable feedback and ensuring the scenarios worked!

– TrainSimTV for showcasing a few scenarios on their stream(s)!

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United Kingdom (UK)