4L89 Coatbridge-Felixstowe Class 86 & Class 90 (100 minutes)


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You are driving a pair of Class 86’s with a rake of 25 container wagons on a regular run from Coatbridge to Felixstowe. Taking control at Rugby and working it to Wembley European Freight Operating Centre (WEFOC).
Your maximum permitted speed is 75 Mph which is also the Class’86’s as well. I suggest you have Async enabled if you are impatient like me.
I have included a version with the download that uses the Class 90 for a comparison of locomotive driving styles which is also much easier.

Scenario Requirements

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 86 EP
Armstrong Powerhouse FSA Wagon Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 90 Freightliner (only if you want to drive the scenario version with it)
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Pack
Just Trains Cargowaggon
Steam Class 86
Steam Class 325
Steam Class 66
Steam Class 66
Steam Class 390 (Original)
Steam Portsmouth Direct

Class 350 Cab & Passenger View patch
Class 66 LED lights
Class 66 GBRF 2018+
WCMLs V5.2 London to Birmingham
Class 390 Virgin by “Horgy”

Plus any of the above’s dependencies.
Hyperlinks in the documentation.

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