1Z86 ‘The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express’


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Image copyright DJH Photography free to use.

Three scenarios covering a regular railtour to Cumbria starting at London Euston and ending at Wigan North Western.
Set before the demise of Virgin West Coast with AI based on the current working timetable. I have used the running times of a tour that took place in real life as a basis for the scenarios.
I have used the original Class 390 as AI to help with the frame rates for people with lower spec PC’s.
The amount of other services on a spring Saturday is quite low IRL which also helps with the frame rate.
Part 01 Euston-Rugby. Part 02 Rugby-Stafford. Part 03 Stafford-Wigan North Western
For part one I have included a version that does not use the freeware for the pantograph up class 377. This is because part of the requirements for the pantograph up version include a discontinued Armstrong Powerhouse sound pack. In game it will appear as “1Z86 Railtour Part 01(NP)” and you can leave out any requirements listed below with a red *

WCMLs V5.2 London to Birmingham
WCML “Missing Link”
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 86
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350EP
Armstrong Powerhouse BR Mk1 Pack01
Armstrong Powerhouse BR Mk2 Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse FSA Wagon Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 EP
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse 375/377SP * (discontinued see notes above)

DTG/RSC Class 92
S9BL Class 390
Just Trains Voyager 2019

Scenario length – 215 mins

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