Hosting payware on

We have already partnered with some big names and currently host some great value products but are always on the lookout for more to offer our customers.

If you have created a product and need a place to market it then AlanThomsonSim is the perfect platform. We take care of the ‘headache’ and put your product in front of a large, worldwide audience.

Accounts are set up very quickly and in some cases we can have your product live in a mater of hours.

We charge a flat 30% fee per product sold and provide the hosting, delivery, payment gateway and customer support* to the end user. This leaves you free from dealing with customer enquiries, complicated website issues or processing customer data. We can provide the product ‘as is’ and generate or provide licenses to the end user if required. All downloads are located on secure high speed external clouds which you will have direct access to.

There are practically unlimited options for media creation to promote your product and we can help with creating imagery, product listings and even promotional video.

We also highlight and feature products on Alan’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitch accounts to ensure they are put in front of the maximum number of people possible. We offer unique marketing opportunities through these platforms which can further compliment your product on our site as well as standard website and email marketing.

We run a monthly billing cycle and will disperse payments to you monthly.

We accept payment from customers through PayPal (which includes the option to pay by card) and disperse payment to you via PayPal

For more information and to enquire please contact us

*Customer support does not extend to issues outside our control. i.e. product bugs or incompatibility.