Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello All

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Below is a message from our Director, Alan, and then an update of what is to come from us in 2023.

HI Guys

First of all I would love to thank every single one of you who have contributed to the ATS website and also the Facebook group.

Without the community we wouldn’t exist this year has seen some ups and downs with some delays and technical issues but also has seen us expand team wise.

On the plus side we have started our first route and train for TSW3 this is a great opportunity for us to see what can be done with TSW from a third party capacity and a chance to help guide TSW in a direction more suited to our player base.

TSC with the recent announcement from DTG regarding the future of TSC it’s a very exciting year ahead with a real sense of excitement I haven’t felt for years.

We will be progressing with our planned routes this mainly being TPE Merge, Breckland line and route upgrades covering several existing routes.

Sadly the WCML merge is currently causing some issues but we hope to have it sorted soon we are also very pleased to also be welcoming back Cameron Forbes on a more permanent basis which is incredibly exciting.

Stock wise we are in the final process of securing the final details of the FLIRTS and will be very pleased to announce more info on this in the early new year.

We also have a few more bits of stock up our sleeve to announce later on.

We have a few changes going into 2023 that are positive as a company we have grown dramatically over the last 3 years and this has tested both me and Pete in our roles and we haven’t always got it right we have spent some time developing our own skills as well as supporting other on enhancing their own.

We are really keen to offer you the best platform around for multiple simulators over the next 12 months with lots more to show off very soon.

I also must thank all of the ATS team for there continued support both as friends but also as colleagues I have met some really solid mates on this adventure.

We have a future brighter than a IET headlight ahead and I am glad to be sharing it with you all.

So from the bottom of my heart


From all of us at ATS

Alan Thomson


As you may know we don’t do Roadmaps but we thought we would give you a New Year’s gift of an update of our upcoming products. As always we will never give release dates or any ball park timings for releases.

Train Simulator Classic Core Update

We are excited for the latest news from DTG and will be keeping an eye closely to ensure that we will upgrade our products with DTG’s update.

WCML Merge

The WCML South Merge with Missing Link encountered some track defects & signal failures that have required PWAY and S&T to repair. Whilst in first phase of testing we encountered scenario issues which Beta Team and Pete have worked hard to resolve. We are working hard on fixes for this to go back into testing. We will be hoping to give an update in first half of 2023.

Class 745 & 755 FLIRT

As announced previously, the highly anticipated FLIRT is in production and coming along well. We will have an announcement about this project within the first quarter of 2023 to give you an update on the project.

TransPennine Network (TPE Merge)

The ATS TransPennine Network also known as TPE Merge is in the early stages of development and is much anticipated. We are excited to bring this route to you with various sections including Liverpool to Manchester via Chat Moss & Warrington, Manchester to Leeds via Huddersfield and Manchester to Stalybridge via Guide Bridge. We will bring more updates on this route in second half of 2023 when it’s further along in production.

Great Eastern Mainline (GEML) Upgrade

Matt (twistedredblack) has been working hard on Phase 1 of his Great Eastern Mainline upgrade in which he has been upgrading the core Ipswich to London Liverpool Street in this phase. Matt posts regular update photos on our Facebook Group and information about more details will be released later on in 2023.

Breckland Line

The Breckland Line for Train Sim Classic has been in production for a while now and whilst we have no further updates at this current time we hope to announce further updates of progressing within the last quarter of 2023. This route running from Norwich to Cambridge will provide full run and compliments the many rollingstock available in the sim.

NEW Train Sim Classic Route

We have a brand new unannounced TSC route in production and has been progressing well. Whilst we don’t have many details for you right now, we will have more details to release in first quarter of 2023.

Route & Stock Upgrades & Updates

We are currently working through some route and stock upgrades and updates. Chat Moss update should be coming within first few months of 2023 with final touches being completed. Patch notes will be given out on release. We are also looking into the PIS plugin for Class 185 to be compatible with the latest routes released however no time estimate can be given at this stage. More upgrades and updates will be announced further down the line.

Train Sim World 3

Our first route and train is now entered production stage and whilst we are at the very start of this journey we are excited for what is to come of TSW and our efforts. This is only in very early stages of production and we are eager to be bring our insight into TSW and are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

That’s all from me for now but stay tuned in 2023 and have a good Christmas and New Year.


Senior Producer – TSC & TSW @ ATS