Just Trains Nottingham to Lincoln updated to V1.02

26th October 2022 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation


– Miscellaneous bug fixes.

– Compatibility updates.

v1.01 – 2021/11/25

– Scenario [NL] 1B21 07:04 Lincoln to St Pancras International – This fix is for the Coupling Task at Nottingham that was failing

– Removal of Barrow Hill assets at industrial estate near Hykeham

– Fix to silver shelter A & B asset 

– Fix to floating 5/7 car stop marker on Carleton Platform 1

– Fix to Netherfield Station staircase where there was a texture stretched and centre bars not meeting handrail.

– Fixed floating carpark asset at Collingham

– Scenario [NL] [DV] 2N31 10:37 Matlock – Newark Castle – Fix for duplicated Class 158 at Nottingham. Number was the same as player service

– Lincoln Gantry West fix as the left-hand cage holding LG7827 was too high.

– Adjusted placement of signals on Lincoln West Gantry to sit in cages better

– Thales junction boxes added where applicable

– Platform 1 & 2 missing destination boards added

– Staythorpe A46 missing bridge occlusion added

IMPORTANT: You need to ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby route before you install this updated version to ensure the correct operation of this route.

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