[YBZG] PDL (Updated) [V1.4]

[YBZG] PDL (Updated) [V1.4]

26th April 2022 74 By ZainOnSWR

• Alan Thomson Sim Kings Cross to Kings Lynn OR ECML Merge to Leeds and York OR Chat Moss
• DTG’s Portsmouth Direct Line – London Waterloo to Portsmouth
• DTG’s Old Portsmouth Direct Line – Woking to Portsmouth
• DTG’s South Western Mainline – Southampton to Bournemouth
• DTG’s Chatham Mainline – London Victoria to Dover + Ramsgate
• DTG’s Old Chatham Mainline – London Victoria to Rainham via Herne Hill/Catford
• DTG’s London to Faversham High Speed
• DTG’s Riviera Line – Exeter to Paignton
• Jamesclass37’s Animated Gateline Pack Volume 2

• [YBZG] 1A29 – 11:23 – London Waterloo to Alton (450)
• [YBZG] 1A52 – 15:44 – Alton to London Waterloo (444)
• [YBZG] 1F07 – 07:28 – Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour & 1F16 – 11:23 – Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central (158)
• [YBZG] 1J52 – 16:38 – Hampton Court to London Waterloo (707)
• [YBZG] 1L79 – 23:40 – London Waterloo to Andover (159)
• [YBZG] 1P61 – 19:00 – London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour (444)
• [YBZG] 1P72 – 21:02 – Haslemere to London Waterloo (444)
• [YBZG] 2A41 – 15:06 – Guildford to Alton (450)
• [YBZG] 2F93 – 17:32 – London Waterloo to Guildford (450)
• [YBZG] 2H20 – 08:41 – Shepperton to London Waterloo (707)
• [YBZG] 2J03 – 06:32 – Farnham to Guildford (450)
• [YBZG] 2J07 – 06:36 – London Waterloo to Hampton Court (455)
• [YBZG] 2P54 – 15:24 – Portsmouth & Southsea to London Waterloo (450)
• [YBZG] 5F70 – 23:27 – Guildford to Clapham Yard Sidings (455)

• See Individual Scenario Details Documents within the ‘Documentation’ Folder

• If any of the scenarios crash during the loading process, load a resource intensive scenario that does load properly, play it for a couple minutes, and then reload the scenario you’re trying to play.

• It is recommended to have your scenery density setting on max when playing the route. This is because it well ensure all scenery shows in game, including the small details, which really enhance the playing experience.

• V1.0 (17/04/22) – Cancelled
• V1.1 (26/04/22) – Added Quick Drive Scenarios, Updated Signals at London Waterloo, Updated Scenery Outside Woking Station, Updated More Route Markers, Added Route Image, Shortened Route Name
• V1.2 (22/05/22) – Added Four Standard Scenarios, Updated Scenery Inside Waterloo Station, Updated Speed Limits and Boards on Waterloo Station Approach, Updated Ticket Barriers at Walton-on-Thames, Added Stopping Points at all Main Station Car Stop Signs, Added and Updated Various Car Stop Signs, Updated Route Image, Added Additional Requirements, Updated Disclaimer
• V1.3 (14/07/22) – Added More Quick Drive Scenarios, Added Six More Standard Scenarios, Added Trackwork up to Pirbright Junction (Not Meant for Driving On), Completely Overhauled Clapham Junction Scenery, Updated Trackwork at Clapham Junction, Optimized Clapham Junction Area to Improve Performance, Updated Scenery at Raynes Park, Updated Route Image, Added Additional Requirements, Removed the ‘WHATS COMING NEXT?’ Section, Removed Useless Announcement Triggers from the ‘[YBZG] 1P72 – 21:02 – Haslemere to London Waterloo’ Scenario
• V1.3.1 (15/07/22) – Fixed Incorrect AI Class 313 Destinations in Multiple Scenarios, Fixed Missing 450 in ‘[YBZG] 1J52 – 16:38 – Hampton Court to London Waterloo’ Scenario, Updated Route Image
• V1.3.2 (16/07/22) – Added Disclaimer to Scenarios, Added Extra Info and Fixed Small Errors in the READMEs, Updated Route Image
• V1.3.3 (23/07/22) – Updated Route Image, Added a ‘Credits’ Section in the readme.txt Document
• V1.3.4 (25/07/22) – Fixed Missing Assets (New Installation Instructions), Added New Route Requirement, Added New Requirement to ‘[YBZG] 1F07 – 07:28 – Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour & 1F16 – 11:23 – Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central’ Scenario, Updated Route Image
• V1.4 (19/04/23) – Added Line Down to Alton via SWML and Pirbright Junction, Added Line from Guildford to Aldershot South Junction, Added Platform End Gates to Every Station, Fixed Signals at London Waterloo Platforms 1-11, Relayed Some Track at London Waterloo, Partly Re-Done Fratton Depot, Updated All Scenario Briefings, Updated All Scenarios to Work With AP Sky and Weather EP 2.0, Added Four Standard Scenarios, Added More Quick Drives, Replaced All Level Crossings with ATS Level Crossing Pack, Replaced readme.txt Documents with PDF Documents, Updated Route Image, Other Minor Changes

• Step 1: Copy the ‘Assets’ and ‘Content’ folders into your Railworks directory and overwrite any files if asked to do so.
• Step 2: Open ‘PortsmouthDirectAssets.ap’ located in ‘Railworks’ > ‘Assets’ > ‘DTG’ > ‘PortsmouthDirect’ using winRAR or 7zip.
• Step 3: Copy all folders EXCEPT ‘Template Routes’, ‘Preload’, ‘Input Mappers’, and ‘Rail Vehicles’ from ‘PortsmouthDirectAssets.ap’ into ‘Railworks’ > ‘Assets’ > ‘DTG’ > ‘PortsmouthDirect’ and overwrite any files when asked to do so.
• Step 4: If you own them, you’ll probably need to re-install your ‘AP Track Enhancement Pack’ and ‘AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Packs’ to ensure they will work on this route as well as any other third-party content that affects any other files you have overwritten.
• If you don’t know where to find your Railworks directory, you can right-click Train Simulator on Steam, click ‘Properties’, click the ‘Local Files’ tab, and click ‘Browse’. You are now inside your Railworks directory.

• This route can be edited as you wish but is not to be re-uploaded anywhere without my permission.
• You may edit the route as you please, but you must say that you’ve done so if you choose to record or stream your edited version.
• I am not responsible for any damage caused to your Train Simulator Classic install.

• A massive thank you to ‘deargdoom’ who loaded the route up in TS Tools and found the file pathing issue causing the missing assets around the route.
• A massive thank you to ‘AH_Routes’ who helped me fix the track corruption issue that originally broke V1.4. This new version would not have been possible without his help.

• Thank YOU for downloading my route. My enthusiasm and determination to release this new version wouldn’t have been present without all of your amazing and continued support.