[YBZG] 6G80 – 12:20 – Doncaster Robert Roads Depot to Tyne S.S [V1.0]

[YBZG] 6G80 – 12:20 – Doncaster Robert Roads Depot to Tyne S.S [V1.0]

23rd August 2023 4 By YaBoyZainG4m3r

Scenario Details
• Type: Standard
• Duration: 180 Minutes
• Difficulty: 3/5
• Date: 19/08/23
• Start Time: 12:36
• Weather: Fair/High Cloud
• Traction: 66760, 66711, 66781, 66768, 66752, 66798, 66789

Scenario Description
• Drive 66760, 66711, 66781, 66768, 66752, 66798 and 66789 from Doncaster Goods Loop 2 to Tyne Yard. Another Driver has just brought the locos in from Doncaster Robert Roads Depot. You are scheduled to be held in Darlington Down Loop and Darlington Platform 4 for a combined total of 30 minutes en-route. There are many cancellations between Newcastle and Edinburgh due to emergency services dealing with an incident, so as a result, some services are terminating short at Newcastle today. However, there are no other delays or issues on the network today.

Extra Information
• All AI trains in this scenario have correct destinations.
• All non-static LNER, Grand Central, Transpennine Express, Cross Country, Lumo, GBRf and DB services have the correct unit numbers that worked those services on this day.
• If the scenario crashes during the loading process, load a resource intensive scenario that does load properly, play it for a couple minutes, and then reload this scenario.

Scenario Requirements
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 158 Northern Variants
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 185 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 66 LED Headlights
• Alan Thomson Sim East Coast Mainline Merge
• Armstrong Powerhouse Signal Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 170 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
• Just Trains Voyager Advanced 2019
• Major Wales Design Class 170 Arriva Northern Rail Reskin
• Major Wales Design Class 180 Revamp Pack
• Semaphore Sim Class 803003 Lumo Pride Reskin
• Train Sim Community GBRf Class 66 Pack
• Vulcan Productions GBRf Class 66783 and 66789 Reskins

• Please note that all of the above items do require their own requirements in order to function properly.

Installation Instructions
• Step 1: Copy the ‘Content’ folder into your Railworks directory and overwrite any files if asked to do so.
• If you don’t know where to find your Railworks directory, you can right-click Train Simulator on Steam, click ‘Properties’, click the ‘Local Files’ tab, and click ‘Browse’. You are now inside your Railworks directory.

• V1.0 (23/08/23) – Scenario Release!

• This scenario can be edited as you wish but is not to be re-uploaded anywhere without my permission.
• You may edit the scenario as you please, but you must say that you’ve done so if you choose to record or stream your edited version.
• I am not responsible for any damage caused to your Train Simulator Classic install.

• Thank YOU for downloading my scenario. My enthusiasm and determination to release this wouldn’t have been present without all of your amazing and continued support.
• Thanks to WelshyJim for help testing the scenario.
• Thanks to Adam Haigh for providing the template files for the pop-up box messages.