XC Route Turbostar Scenario Pack – *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

XC Route Turbostar Scenario Pack – *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

19th July 2019 Off By Adam Forsyth

This downloads includes a whopping 10 scenarios all using Class 170 Turbostars, I have included 5 Cross Country and 5 West Midlands Trains scenarios going from/to destinations such as Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester, Cardiff and Bristol. You also drive the now finished West Midlands 170 to Gloucester and a rare 7 Car 170 for Cross Country

Details of where to find the scenarios and their descriptions are included in the read me file, I have also included the requirements for all scenarios too

I am only human, we all are and I sometimes take mistakes. If you spot any mistakes then please let me know either via a comment or email me (email address provided in read me file). All scenarios have been tested multiple times

Please also feel free to provide feedback on this as this is my first subscription file

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