(WM) Doncaster Trainspotting (2017)

(WM) Doncaster Trainspotting (2017)

14th April 2020 0 By Whitemead

It’s currently 13:22 the train you booked tickets for doesn’t arrive until 14:35 which means plenty of time for some trainspotting at a VERY busy Doncaster station.

ROUTE: Leeds Lines Phase 1 (Doncaster to Leeds) Available on alanthomsonsim

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 91 EP
Class 66 EP (X)
Class 56 EP (X)
Class 43 (MTU) EP
Class 150/1 EP (X)
Class 43 (VP185) EP (X)
JNA-C Wagon Pack (X)
Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 321 Electric Multiple Unit Pack (X)
Class 158/159 (Cummins & Perkins) EP (X)

Route: Leeds Lines Phase 1 (Doncaster to Leeds)

Digital Traction: British Rail Wagon Pack 1960s-2000 (X)
Just Trains: —– Class 60 Advanced —– 153 Advanced —– Voyager Advanced —- ALL (X) —-
DLCS: —— EWS Class 67 Loco —— YQA Parr Wagon Pack —— Class 180 DMU —– ALL (X) —–

Class 144: Northern Rail (Superalbs) (X)
Ex northern rail class 142 (Major Wales Design)
DT BR Wagons Reskin Pack (Vulcan Productions) (X)
Class 153 & Class 180 Revamp Pack (Major Wales Design) Both (X)
HST Pack & InterCity 225 VTEC/LNER (alanthomsonsim) BOTH Needed!

Other: — UKTS Freeware Pack: UK Wagons #1 (X) — Class 185 Pack AP (Fuller Simulations) (X) —

Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!
Requirements listed (X) are non-essential,but are recommended