(WM) 3J01 Bescot TMD – London Euston (66731)

(WM) 3J01 Bescot TMD – London Euston (66731)

11th February 2021 0 By Whitemead

Route: The Marston Vale Line (36624) UKTS (Bedford – Bletchley) & 35 Minutes long

You’re incharge of class 66731 (Tom Moore NHS) on a RHTT service across Marston Vale (Bletchley – Bedford) Along the way it is likely you will have a few red signals due to a passenger service in front so need need to rush.

I created this scenario in memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore. Route is 1 mile from where he last lived. Uses class 66731 GBRF named / painted. He battle the war. Shown the world that anything is possible raising a outstanding amount (39 Million Pounds) Including gift aid & Number 1 single with Michael Ball / NHS Voices Choir

Armstrong Powerhouse: Requirements listed (X) are non-essential
Class 66 EP (X)
Class 350 EP (X)
Class 37 Loco (X)
Coaches: Mk2D-F (X)
Wagons: FSA/FTA (X) — & — HKA/JMA (X)

Just Trains:
Class 222 Advanced (X)
Class 20 Advanced & Class 153 Advanced (Both Needed)

Class 66731: NHS GBRF LWreskins
Class 700 Desiro City Pack — 700155 Pride (X) — BH Class 390 Reskin Pack (X) ATS

This scenario uses 2019 timings / Livery’s… Why ? read below
1. No 230s for TS../ 2. A lack of trains ran on this line during 2020 autumn.
Due to the WMR 153 reskin needing the AP 150 SP & the 153 is a must for this scenario
the livery used is (Default LM). 150s left WMR early 2019 so had to use 153s

I also seen some people are not keen on LWreskins. 3 Options….
1. Download the skin, 2. Swap out for another NHS skin, or 3. Avoid the scenario

I know 66731 current livery was not around in 2019 but it was that or no scenario.
Im not making anyone play this scenario if don’t like the info above don’t play it 🙂

Requirements listed (X) are non-essential
Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!