(WM) 2A55 16:37 Matlock – Nottingham (2020)

(WM) 2A55 16:37 Matlock – Nottingham (2020)

14th January 2021 0 By Whitemead

You’re in charge of Class 156902 (402) on the 16:37 Matlock – Nottingham Service. Due to a delayed St Pancras service you will be departing Ambergate behind schedule. Timings on this working are quite tight. (Mostly untimed) Dated 10/09/2020

Steam DLC: Freightliner Class 70 Loco (X) & Grand Central Class 180 DMU (X)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 56 EP (X)
Class 156 DMUP
DBSO Coach Pack (X)
Class 37 Vol 1 & 2 (X)
Class 168/170/171 EP
Mk2D-F Coach Pack (X)
Class 314/315 EMUP (X)
Class 43: MTU & VP185 EP (X)

Just Trains: Class 60 Advanced (X) & 222 Advanced (X)

Class 37610 TKreskin (X)
Class 180: Revamp Pack Major Wales Designs (X)
Class 170/222: EMR Reskin Pack Semaphoresim (X)
Ex LNER East Midlands Railway HSTs ATS “Clowes” (X) EMT/EMR Class 43 VP 185 Pack Vulcanproductions (X)
Class 156: East Midlands Railway Major Wales Designs (X)
Class 158: EMR Plain White & Ex-EMT East Midlands Railway ATS “Clowes” (X)

Requirements which have NOT got a (X) are Needed!
Requirements listed (X) are non-essential,but are recommended