(WJ) 5U91 04:40 Gillingham E.M.U.D to Gillingham

(WJ) 5U91 04:40 Gillingham E.M.U.D to Gillingham

11th November 2022 13 By WelshyJim

This morning you are tasked with taking the unit out of the depot and into Gillingham station where you will prepare it for its first service of the day to Sheerness. You will be starting the unit from Cold.

Times are based on the planned winter timetable for SouthEastern Trains. The weather and some freight services are fictional.

This scenario is for the Chatham Mainline to Dover and Ramsgate route.

Scenario Length: 90 Minutes

Scenario Requirements:

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 375 EP
Class 365 EP
Class 66 EP
Class 700 EP
JNA Wagon Pack
Weather EP

Class 66 no driver patch by Leander


Class 57 Direct Rail Services Flash Blue-Green Reskin
Class 57 Direct Rail Services Compass Blue Reskin

Just Trains:

Freightliner Class 57/0 Loco
Huddersfield Line (Optional)

That’s everything for this scenario. This is the first time I’ve tried a depot movement, so any feedback is welcome. Thank you for downloading this scenario and I hope you enjoy it.