(WJ) 1D20 06:00 Kings Cross to Leeds

(WJ) 1D20 06:00 Kings Cross to Leeds

20th October 2022 7 By WelshyJim

In this scenario you will be driving an early morning GNER service from Kings Cross to Leeds in a class 91. All workings are based of a WTT from the summer of 2006.

Scenario requirements:

Route: East Coast Mainline- London Kings Cross to Leeds and York Merge from ATS.

Armstrong Powerhouse:
43 Valenta EP
321 Pack
313 Pack
317 Pack
142 Pack
156 Pack
150/1 EP
91 EP

Class 321 Northern Reskin

Class 91/MK4 Improvements Patch by James Ivell
321 West Yorkshire PTE Reskin by James Ivell

Just Trains:

That’s everything for this scenario. I hope you enjoy the lovely drive up the ECML and any constructive feedback is welcome.

Thank you to everyone who assisted me.
Credit to the thumbnail goes to 125Intercity.