Wherry 101 *Fiction*

Wherry 101 *Fiction*

24th September 2021 3 By CrazyGecko

Wherry 101 *fiction* is a scenario I made a couple of years ago but rebuilt it by swapping out content from steam with 3rd party equivalents. Set in a late BR Blue to Intercity theme you take charge of a four car set of Class 101 DMU during the summer holidays from Norwich to Great Yarmouth via Reedham.

A signal just outside of Norwich doesn’t clear properly so you’ll need to Tab it for permission to pass after a specific time. This is mentioned in the scenario to avoid problems and is the only signal that requires you to Tab it.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 40min

*DLC Rquirements*

Wherry Lines: Norwich – Great Yarmouth – Lowestoft Route.
Doncaster Works.
European Loco & Asset Pack.
BR Class 101 DMU.
BR Class 31.
Class 86.

*Armstrong Powerhouse*
Class 31 Enhancement Pack.
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack.
Class 86 Enhancement Pack.
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol1.
Mk2D-F Coach Pack.
Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro).

*Vulcan Productions*
BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985).

The scenario was made using the Wherry Lines route bought from Steam so I’m not 100% sure if it’ll work on the version from the Armstrong Powerhouse site. Once you unzip the file place the scenario in the scenario folder in route folder: 3a99321a-0bb2-47be-bcad-b20cfe48a945

Hope you enjoy and let me know if there’s any issues.