West Highland Line Scenario Pack (Class 156)

West Highland Line Scenario Pack (Class 156)

26th May 2020 8 By Poolecj

This pack contains 4 individual scenarios that I’ve previously uploaded to ATS (1Y41, 1Y42, 1Y48 and 1Y53). Installing this scenario pack will overwrite versions of those scenarios you may have. Any future upadtes to those scenarios will only be released through this scenario pack.

This is a scenario pack set on the fantastic West Highland Line Extension route, covering all 8 DMU workings along the line. Read below for the full details.

Scenario List:
• 1Y34 – 10:35 Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street
• 1Y41 – 08:21 Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig
• 1Y42 – 06:03 Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street
• 1Y43 – 12:21 Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig
• 1Y47 – 18:21 Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig
• 1Y48 – 16:05 Mallaig to Glasgow Queen Street
• 1Y53 – 08:30 Fort William to Mallaig
• 1Y58 – 18:15 Mallaig to Fort William

Scenario Features:
• 8 accurate scenarios covering all West Highland Line DMU diagrams.
• All scenarios with TrainFX fitted units play accurate on-board announcements voiced by Fletcher Mathers as per reality.
• Different announcements depending on if a PRM or Non-PRM modified unit is being driven.
• A variety of seasons and weather conditions.
• A variety of request stopping patterns.

DLC Required:
• West Highland Line Extension
• WCML Over Shap
• BMG Black 5
• Class 66 Freightliner
• Class 67 EWS

3rd Party Requirements:
• AP Class 37 Volume 1 Pack
• AP Class 66 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 156 DMU Pack
• AP Mk1 Coach Pack Volume 1
• AP Mk2 D-F Pack
• AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack*
• ATS Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Pack
• VP BR Mk3 ‘Intercity’ Sleeper Pack

* In order for the weather to work as intended, you will need to apply the AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack to the West Highland Line Extension, by following the instructions provided by AP in their product manual.

Thank you for downloading this scenario pack! I hope you enjoy! All my scenarios are tested before release to ensure that everything works as intended, however in the unlikely event you encounter any errors, please leave a comment on the scenario page.
• Please note that I am unable to offer support if you don’t have all the requirements, or have swapped out stock using RW Tools.

Also, if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment on the scenario page as well.