West Coast Badger

West Coast Badger

4th March 2022 1 By Liam Brooks

Set to a fictional timetable in 1986 along Keith M Ross’ classic West Coast Mainline Over Shap route from Steam. A freight run testing the (then) brand new Class 89 ‘Badger’ from Carlisle Kingmoor to Harlendale.



– DTG Class 89 ‘Badger’
– K. Ross WCML Over Shap
– RSC Class 87
– RSC BR Class 101 DMU
– DTG Class 370 APT-P
– Kuju European Loco & Asset Pack (Included with most routes or if you bought TS before TS2012)
– Thompson Interactive West Highland Line Extension

Armstrong Powerhouse (+Perquisites):

– Class 31 EP
– Class 37 Vol. 2
– Class 47 Sound Pack (Not a necessity)
– Class 56 EP
– Class 86 EP
– Class 90/Mk3 DVT (Required for Mk3s)
– Class 101 Sound Pack (Not a necessity)
– Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
– Mk2a-C Coach Pack
– Mk2D-f Coach Pack
– MGR Wagon Pack

Alan Thomson Sim:

– James Ivell & BodgeItTMD BR Blue/Grey Mk3 reskins

Backdated TrainSim:

-Class 89 Sound Patch

Vulcan Productions:

– Class 89 Service Reskin Pack
– Class 47 BR Blue Pack

I believe that’s everything, please let me know of any issues you come across, sorry if it’s not very good, I’m a bit crap at making quality scenarios.

Anyways, hope you enjoy 🙂