[UPDATED] 1S97 12:46 London Waterloo – Edinburgh (Eurostar Link) [1995]

[UPDATED] 1S97 12:46 London Waterloo – Edinburgh (Eurostar Link) [1995]

26th April 2023 5 By Harrebarrevarre

This is an updated version which hopefully has fixed the following issues found:
• 313 stuck at Kensal Rise
• Off path fault for 1V79
• Unnecessary Caledonian Sleeper Class 92 reskin as requirement
• Class 121 Silverlink versions removed (121 NSE destinations as added requirement)

Once again, I am happy for feedback if some other issue comes up.

9O19 from Paris Nord and 9I25 from Bruxelles Midi both arrive at Waterloo at lunchtime. Until the Regional Eurostar services are introduced, EPS are leasing cross country HST sets to work connecting services from Waterloo to Manchester and Edinburgh.

Today, you are working this summer’s new 1S97 12:47 Eurostar Connect service from Waterloo to Edinburgh which takes the international passengers up along the ECML. This means having to share the busy West and North London Lines with commuter services and freight trains.

Expect to be held behind other services at Kensington Olympia, Willesden Junction and along the North London Line. You will drive this service as far as Camden Road Station. Your traction today is a cross country HST set formed of 43065 and 43080 on the rear.

30 minute scenario for Backdated Trainsim’s North London Lines BR/NSE V4. Date: 18th August 1995. Weather: Fair cloud. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)
• Weather EP V2
• Signal EP
• Class 313
• Class 321
• Class 86 EP*
• Class 37 Vol 1
• Valenta HST EP*
• FSA/FTA wagons
• JTA/JUA/PTA wagons
• Class 101/117/121 Sound Pack* (discontinued)
• Class 92 Sound Pack*
• EWS Class 92
• NSE Class 121
• TS Marketplace: YQA Parr wagon pack
• Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines
• MKS Class 460 (static only)
• Backdated Trainsim: North London Lines BR/NSE V4*
• Backdated Trainsim: Class 313 BR NLL variant pack*
• Backdated Trainsim: Railfreight Distribution Class 92 reskin*
• Alan Thomson Sim: BodgeItTMD’s Class 121 Ex-NSE (Silverlink) v1.1*
• Alan Thomson Sim: Chris Horsfield’s Class 121 NSE Destinations*
• Vulcan Productions: Class 73 Pack (static only)*