Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

25th April 2021 4 By LMTrains

[TOL] Tunnel Vision

Route: North London, GOBLIN, Faversham, Sheerness and Dover 2016 (DANNY’s STEAM WORKSHOP)

Description: You are in charge of 6O18, a GBRF operated Intermodal service which runs MO (Monday’s Only) between Daventry and Dollands Moor via Ripple Lane and HS1. You start at Camden Road Junction at a booked signal check. This scenario requires you to use the Class 92 in both BR AC and CTRL mode, so ensure you have knowledge on HS1 signalling prior to starting.

DURATION: 80 Minutes

RSC Class 92 Pack + Armstrong Powerhouse Class 92 Sound Pack + Extra Stock
DTG GOBLIN Line and North London Line
WCML Trent Valley Container Branding Pack (UKTrainSim File ID: 34638)
Just Trains Class 20 + AP Class 20 Sound Pack
Mk1 T2 Translator/Barrier Set (AlanThomsonSim)
AP Class 90 Freightliner Pack
RSC Class 395 Pack
AP Class 315 Pack
AP Class 321 Pack
C2C Class 387 reskin (Speralbs)
DTG Medway Valley + Chatham Mainline (for JNA wagons)
DTG Class 59 + Class 50/0 Aggregate Industries Reskin (UKTrainSim File ID: 37844)
RSC Class 66 Pack 02/03
DTG BR407 + Eurostar Class 374 Reskin (MajorWalesDesign)

*Please Note: My Scenarios are intended to be as realistic as possible, within the constraints of the Train Sim 2020 game. Unfortunately this means that sometimes the scenario will not register stops correctly and give you a ‘Scenario Incomplete’ at the end as a consequence. There is nothing I can do about this, be assured that my scenarios are extensively tested. The aim is to create a realistic scenario for you to enjoy, not to create a scenario you can pass easily/at all*

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the ‘Contents’ folder into your Railworks route folder.