[Train Simulator 2021][TASH][Class 45 Peak]London To Birmingham Chiltern Main Line Scenario

[Train Simulator 2021][TASH][Class 45 Peak]London To Birmingham Chiltern Main Line Scenario

11th March 2021 0 By BritishRail60062

A scenario for the Just Trains Chiltern Main Line route and based in the Spring of 1982. Here you will be driving a Class 45 Peak with some Mk2’s from London Marylebone to Birmingham Snow Hill on this sunny morning early run. There are many types of BR Blue locomotives and DMU’s about including the Class 43 HST’s that are just entering service on the Intercity XC routes. Please note that multiple payware packs are used within the scenario to add immersion and fun into the gameplay. This scenario is NOT based on any realistic workings as far as I am aware because Class 45’s and Class 46’s have never operated along the Chiltern Main Line in real life and this is just done for a bit of fun if anything.

Here is what you will need to make this scenario useable.

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 HST Enhancement Pack Valenta
Class 37 Locomotive Pack 1

Class 45 Locomotive (I also recommend using the DPSimulations Texture Improvement Patch to make it look better in game
BR Blue Packs 1 and 2*
I used the Class 33, Class 25, Class 105, Class 03 and the Class 09 locomotives for the AI and static trains that can be seen kicking about on the route.
European Loco & Assets Pack*.
*These are used as the base packs for the AP Enhancement Packs

Vulcan Productions
BR Blue Class 45/46 Reskin Pack (I have used these to liven up the traffic trains a bit).
https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/legacy.html – Scroll down and they should be there.

Scenario Type: Standard
Type: Passenger
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: About 130 Minutes.

You are welcome to swap trains about in the scenario editor or with RW_Tools if you wanted to use better trains that you may own already or don’t have the required DLC but I am not responsible for any errors that may arise if you do this.

Known bugs:
Because you will be following two booked trains that are running ahead of your train. You may need to TAB past some signals around the High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and the Leamington Spa areas if the signal fails to return to clear as sometimes the AI signaller “forgets” to reset signals after the block has cleared. You should be given permission to proceed as normal at these locations and don’t forget to give a long blast of the horn to alert the guard on board your train that you are passing a signal at danger with permission.

Please post any bugs or issues although I have tested this scenario many times and it works fine on my system although it may not work on yours. Use this scenario at your own risk.

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome and please enjoy the scenario.

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