[TK] Ex sleeper Stock – Bishop Auckland to Great Yarmouth

[TK] Ex sleeper Stock – Bishop Auckland to Great Yarmouth

29th December 2020 8 By Tkingy

This is a recreation of the 15 ex mk3 sleeper coaches being towed by 47593 Galloway Princess from Bishop Auckland to Great Yarmouth along the following lines;
• DPS NEE for Bishop Auckland to York (56 Miles)
• ATS ECML Merge for York to Peterborough (113 Miles)
• ATS Peterborough to Cambridge for Peterborough to Ely (30 Miles)
• AP Wherry lines for Norwich to Great Yarmouth (22 Miles)
The total miles covered in this run is 221 Miles!

Sadly I do not have the Virgin 1st generation 47 and LSL Galloway Princess reskin but this has been made with the intention of swapping it in!

The requirements for this scenario are the following;
• AP 47 pack
• APMK3 pack
• AP MTU HST and ATS LNER reskin
• AP 156 pack
• AP 170 pack and Northern Reskin
• AP158 Cummings pack
• AP 66 and AP FSA wagons
• AP HIA wagons
• AP 90 pack
• AP 91 pack and ATS LNER reskins
• DTG 180 and MJW 180 update complete
• James Ivell’s MK3 sleeper reskin
• DTG 801 & Kev’s LNER reskin
• SimVues Hull Trains and TPE nova 1 reskins
• Jake Fullers 185

If there are any issues or you would like to provide feedback please use the comments section below!