[TK] DRS Class 20 Farewell Tour (18/01/2020)

[TK] DRS Class 20 Farewell Tour (18/01/2020)

9th January 2021 2 By Tkingy

This Scenario is recreating what took place on the 18/01/2020 for the DRS 20’s farewell from service, going round the Harrogate loop taking over at York as they did IRL.

You start off in York Parcel sidings, then run Light Locomotive to the Northside of York station when the pair of 47’s that started on the tour make way. So you can take the happy smiling passengers onwards to Harrogate and Leeds!

The requirements for this scenario are the following;
• JT class 20 Advanced Collection *
• JT Voyager Advanced
• APmk1 coach pack *
• AP 47 sound pack pro
• AP 158 Cummings pack
• Jake Fullers 185 pack
• AP170 + MJW Northern Reskin
• AP91 pack + ATS LNER reskins
• DTG801 and Kev’s LNER reskin

Those marked with a * are essential for the scenario to run.

If there are any issues with this scenario, please use the comments section on the ATS website (I do check regularly)