The Piggy Drag

The Piggy Drag

21st April 2021 3 By LMTrains

The Piggy Drag – [TOL] The Piggy Drag

Description: You have been drafted in last minute as a Rail Operations Group driver to take ROG’s 37800 to Northam Depot from Eastleigh (St Denys in game) to pick up a 442 needed to be transferred to Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D. (Bournemouth station in game) Something a little bit different for the South Western Mainline route!


AP Class 37 Pack Volume 1
DTG Class 442 + SWR 442 Pack (Vulacn Productions) + AP 442 Sound Pack
DTG Class 450 + AP 450EP
DTG Class 444 + AP 444EP
Master Key Simulations Class 73 (comes with Class 460 Pack on Steam)
RSC Class 66 Pack 01/02 + Bodge It TMD Freightliner 66 Pack + MJW Freightliner 66 Nameplate Pack
AP JXA Wagon Pack
AP Freightliner Class 90 Pack
AP Waggonz Class 456 Pack + Train Sim Designs 456 SWR Reskin
Just Trains Voyager Advanced + 2019 Update + AP 220 Sound Pack

INSTALLATION: Drag and drop the ‘Contents’ folder into your Railworks route folder.

*Please Note: My Scenarios are intended to be as realistic as possible, within the constraints of the Train Sim 2020 game. Unfortunately this means that sometimes the scenario will not register stops correctly and give you a ‘Scenario Incomplete’ at the end as a consequence. There is nothing I can do about this, be assured that my
scenarios are extensively tested. The aim is to create a realistic scenario for you to enjoy, not to create a
scenario you can pass easily/at all*