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16th May 2021 3

(RP) 1Z14 Plymouth to Swindon. XC HST. 10.05.2021

By Robin Price

Routes Required Duration 3Hrs 40Mins Traction 43207, 43239 Headcode 1Z14 Track Covered Plymouth to Swindon Weather Fair Cloud…

30th April 2021 0

(RP) 1C17 14:02 Pad-BTM.

By Robin Price

Route Required Western Mainlines Electrification Project – Stage 1.5 to Didcot By OLIVER168002 Traction Class 43 (HST) Duration 95mins Track…

12th March 2021 0

(RP) 1S19 Plymouth-Glasgow Sleeper. 1993

By Robin Price

Route Needed Western Mainlines, Just Trains Track Covered Plymouth-Bristol-t-Meads Duration 160mins Requirements Needed…