T2 Translator/Barrier Set (AP Mk1)

T2 Translator/Barrier Set (AP Mk1)

26th March 2022 7 By JamesIvell

About The Reskin
The T2 translator/Barrier set is a set of 2 Ex Mk1 BSKs
that have been converted into barrier/translator
vehicles to allow for Electric Multiple units to be
hauled by locomotives for services such as stock
moves, by using these vehicles as an adaptors when
the locomotives couplings and braking systems don’t
The T2 set is Fitted with Tightlock Couplers and the
necessary electrical & pneumatic connections along
with the required equipment to translate between the
different systems. The coupler bins on this reskin have
been edited to work with as many trains as possible in
train sim that are fitted with Tightlocks.


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