SWT Class 455 ‘Experimental’ Reskin

SWT Class 455 ‘Experimental’ Reskin

21st June 2021 3 By Driver_Reg

Here is a reskin of the experimental metro livery worn by the first 2 units to be refurbished for South West Trains back in 2004 (455 711 & 455 904) this livery differs from the current SWT/SWR metro livery by having a black ‘frame’ around the cab ends with a more prominent yellow swoosh on the cab side. This however has been removed in later repaint to bring the units in line with the rest of the fleet losing the unique character of these first two units.

When using this reskin you will need to input the unit numbers manually as I lack the skills to link it to just the two (unless of course, you wanted to have a what-if scenario with this livery).


AP Class 455 Enhancement Pack Volume 2