*Subscription* 6X16 Wembley Yard to Longsight TMD (Class 185 drag)

*Subscription* 6X16 Wembley Yard to Longsight TMD (Class 185 drag)

3rd October 2021 1 By Mashed-up-Scenarios

Thank you for downloading this pair of scenarios.
This is recreating what happened on the 15th March 2006 where 67024 dragged 185110
with this set of wagons being used for break force.

Source behind this run can be found here; https://flic.kr/p/THktD

For the Scenarios to run, you will need the following requirements;

• DTG West Coast Mainline – South
• ATS West Coast Mainline – Midlands and North West
• ATS Class 185
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 67 Pack*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 313 Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 321 Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 Pack*
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 92 Sound Pack*
• Armstrong Powerhouse FSA Wagon Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse JNA Wagon Pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Weather EP
• DTG Cross City Line and Class 323 Centro Reskin by Olli35
• DTG S9BL Class 390 Add on
• DTG North Wales Coastal Route (Comes with TS 2018 on Humble Bundle)
• Just Trains Cargowaggon IWB PlusPak
• Just Trains VGA Wagon PlusPak
• WCML South V5.3 (For Underground stock)*
*means these products have their own requirements.

If there are any questions, issues, or concerns, please comment these on the product

Kind regards and enjoy the run,
Mashed Up Scenarios.