*Subscription* 1E90 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough

*Subscription* 1E90 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough

15th October 2021 5 By Mashed-up-Scenarios

This Scenario is taking the 17:22 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough service based on the 2011 Timetable.

Between Liverpool to Manchester, Manchester to Huddersfield and Leeds to York.
On board 185145 and 185103. Where there is a twist at York that you take 185103 to Newcastle to finish.

For this scenario to work properly you will need the following 4 routes;
• DTG Liverpool to Manchester
• Pennine Pacers Manchester Stations to Huddersfield
• ATS Leeds Lines Phase 2
• DPS ECML Northeast

Along with these routes you will need the following requirements;
• Alan Thomson Sim Class 185
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2s
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 156
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Cummins pack
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 325 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 350 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 MTU HST
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 86 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse Class 91 EP
• Armstrong Powerhouse HHA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse HIA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse BAA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse FSA Wagons
• Armstrong Powerhouse Weather EP
• DTG Portsmouth Direct Line*
• DTG Cross City Line
• Gold Star Trains Tamper
• Just Trains Class 20 Advanced
• Just Trains Voyager Advanced
• Oli55 Class 323 NR Reskin (Included with the ATS Class 185 Extra Stock)
• RSC Settle to Carlisle
• S9BL Class 390 Pendolino

If there are any issues please mention in the comments

Credits for those involved with this project;
• Tom King – latter half of the scenarios and being a full time legend.
• Barry Price – First half of the Scenarios, Screenshots and Weather Scripting extraordinaire.
• Kieran Wright – Puddle Master and Weather Scripting.
• Jake Fuller – Weather scripting assistance and Testing.
With Special thanks to Pennine Pacer for giving us permission to make this scenario subware on their route.