Stainmore, Shap, and Eden Valley Scenario Pack 1

Stainmore, Shap, and Eden Valley Scenario Pack 1

17th November 2020 12 By Thomas Oates

This pack of 20 scenarios bring to life operations on the Stainmore, Shap and Eden Valley Lines during the 1950s. A wide variety of workings are recreated, ranging from stopping passenger services to special trains, as well as light freight, rescue duties, and slugging over the summit with double heading and banked goods.

To operate this scenario pack, you will require the following items;

Stainmore, Shap, and Eden Valley (SSS)
European Loco and Asset Pack (Steam)
US Loco and Asset Pack (Steam)
TS Academy (all users post-2016 should have this installed)
RSDL Foliage Pack (should be installed by default. If not, I recommend Isle of Wight on Steam as a source)
AP Station Pack (available with Woodhead 1950s, which is on Steam)
VictoryWorks J21 (SSS)
VictoryWorks WD 2-8-0 (SSS)
Digital Traction BR 2MT 2-6-0 (Steam)
Just Trains ZZA Snowplough (Just Trains)

The download contains the rwp file for the scenarios, and a full manual with details of the contained scenarios.