SP: Class 442 ‘Final Farewell’ Scenario Pack

SP: Class 442 ‘Final Farewell’ Scenario Pack

25th June 2021 10 By Sami Pitfield

On the 2nd of April 2021 South Western Railway decided to send off their 18 strong fleet of ‘Wessex Electrics’ Class 442s for scrap as an attempt to add an AC traction package to all 18 units fell through and ended up being too expensive, leaving many units in a terrible mechanical state, leading to the decision of them being scrapped in which the process is happening as we speak.

As the Class 442 is by far my favourite EMU, I just had to put in some time to make a scenario pack for these workhorse passenger trains. There are 9 scenarios altogether which are set in different eras to really get a taste of these units through the years. There are scenarios for the South Western Mainline, Portsmouth Direct Line and London to Brighton driving the trains under various TOC’s.

All requirements and how to install the scenarios are in the .zip file, each scenario has their own file within that one. All scenarios have been tested multiple times and some by more than one person. All scenarios will be under the standard tab and will start with ‘SP442:’.

I hope you enjoy these scenarios as I put a massive amount of time into this scenario pack. As always if there are any problems or you would like to give help or feedback, the comment section is the place to do so as I check it regularly.