SP: 1S54 17:10 London Victoria – Dover Priory

SP: 1S54 17:10 London Victoria – Dover Priory

17th May 2021 4 By Sami Pitfield

Take control of the newly introduced Connex 375 units on a rush hour service down to Dover Priory handing over to the next driver at Rainham. Date: 10/08/2001

This scenario is medium difficulty and is 60 minutes.

To install the scenario extract the files to a place of your choice and drag the ‘content’ folder into your RailWorks directory.



Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines Route
ECML South
Portsmouth Direct Line Extended
Class 421 EMU
Class 423 EMU
Class 465 EMU
Class 455/8 EMU
Class 378 EMU


Class 375/377 EP
Class 421/422/423 SP
Class 465/466 EP
Class 455 SP
Class 411/412 Pack
Class 319 VOL 2 Pack
Class 313 Pack
Class 365 EP
The Track & Weather EP are also recommended but not needed.


ATS: Class 455/8 EMU Reskin Pack

Class 455/8 Reskin Pack

DP Simulations Class 421 4CIG Connex Reskin Pack
DP Simulations Class 423 4VEP Connex Reskin Pack

If you experience any issues with this scenario please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to sort it out ASAP. Hope you enjoy the scenario!