SP: 1O38 09:10 Edinburgh to Bournemouth

SP: 1O38 09:10 Edinburgh to Bournemouth

19th July 2022 4 By Sami Pitfield

Hello and thanks for looking at this scenario for DTG’s Southampton to Bournemouth route.

Description: The summer Saturdays 1O38 was always known for throwing up random freight locos for the Birmingham to Bournemouth leg and return. 58s, 31s and 56s have appeared on it so far and now its 37198s turn. Date: July 1998.


Difficulty: Easy (Green)
Start Time: 17:04
Start Location: Southampton Central
Traction: 37198 & 7 Virgin XC Owned Mk2DFs
Service: 1O38 09:10 Edinburgh to Bournemouth
Date: July 1998
Scenario Length: 40 Minutes


To install this scenario simply extract the ‘content’ folder provided and drag and drop it into your ‘RailWorks’ directory.


Southampton to Bournemouth route
European Loco & Asset Pack
Class 442 EMU
Class 421 ‘4CIG’ EMU

Armstrong Powerhouse (And their dependencies):
Class 37 Loco Pack Vol 2
Mk2DF Coach Pack
Class 442 Sound Pack
Class 411/412 EMU Pack
Class 47 Sound Pack*
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack*
Class 158 ‘Cummins’ Enhancement Pack
Weather Enhancement Pack*

Freeware (And their dependencies):
Class 442 Pre C6 SWT Reskin:

Class 442: South West Trains

Dutch Class 47 Reskin:*

Virgin Mk2 Coach Branding Patch:

The ‘*’ means this DLC is only used for static AI/trains or/and is not needed to play the scenario, but is recommended.

If any requirements have been missed please let me know and I will sort it out.
Enjoy the scenario!
Sami Pitfield