Southeastern Class 465/466 Destinations

Southeastern Class 465/466 Destinations

28th January 2020 8 By Chris Horsfield

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This destination pack was, without doubt, the most time consuming of any destination pack I have ever done, a good couple of weeks from start to finish, literally pulling my hair out for source pictures for each letter on the displays… but here it is! Southeastern Class 465/466 Destinations, as seen on today’s Class 465/466 fleet.

These are intended for use with the Southeastern Class 465/466 Megapack by LukasP/Hornsey Studios, and are configured to work with this livery pack ONLY.

Also please note that, although this is for use with the AP 465 Enhancement Pack, these destinations are ‘stand-alone’, therefore will have new key assignments within the scenario editor. A list has been provided. New in-cab display textures have also been made.

I have thrown in “No Passenger” variants for each vehicle, which is particularly useful for E.C.S moves and depots/sidings.



ECML London to Peterborough
Class 465 EMU
AP Class 465 Enhancement Pack
Southeastern Class 465/466 Mega Pack

It is of the utmost importance that you have ALL of the above requirements installed BEFORE you install this destinations pack, otherwise it will not work.


Many thanks to Lukas P of Hornsey Studios for allowing these destinations to apply to his reskin pack.


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