South Wales Class 37 Freight Twin Pack (1993)

South Wales Class 37 Freight Twin Pack (1993)

14th April 2019 0 By Matt Carroll

This pack contains two freight scenarios for the South Wales Coastal Swansea – Bristol route, using the fantastic AP Class 37 loco pack 1, set during 1993.

1. 6B72 18.55 Llanwern – Margam Knuckle Yard
37701 has spent the day lugging imported coal from Port Talbot Grange to Llanwern Steel Works. Having deposited the last load for today, return the empty hoppers to Margam ready for tomorrow’s workings.

2. 6Z62 08.50 Llandarcy Refinery – Llanwern
On an ad-hoc basis, heated oil was supplied from the refinery at Llandarcy for the steelworks at Llanwern.
You are in charge of one such working hauled by metals sector 37520 based at Cardiff Canton, on an August

Requirements :
South Wales Coastal Swansea to Bristol route

Armstrong Powerhouse :
Class 37 loco pack 1
HST Valenta enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 150/2 pack
Class 56 enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 158 (Perkins) enhancement pack (and associated requirements)
Class 142 pack
BAA/BZA wagon pack
HAA wagon pack
AP38 Riviera Line scenario pack additional stock (for BG livery enhancement)
Sky & Weather enhancement pack

Riviera Line route
Class 67 EWS pack
Diesel Shunter pack (static consist only)

Fastline Simulation :
102t tank pack
VDA van pack (static consist only)
ZCA Sea Urchin (static consist only)
YLA Mullet (static consist only)
YQA Parr (static consist only)
BDA bogie bolster (static consist only)

Just Trains :
Cargowagon pack
Class 60 advanced
VGA wagon pack (static consist only)
Seacow wagon pack (static consist only)

TS Marketplace Provincial class 143
rfletcher72 Class 143 BR Regional Railways WR Cardiff Canton reskin (available from DP Simulation)
rfletcher72 GLW FINA class A and B 102t bogie tank reskins (available from DP Simulation)
Backdated Train Sim Class 47 RES and Postal reskin packs (and associated requirements).

I hope you enjoy these scenarios.