South London and Sussex Scenario Pack

South London and Sussex Scenario Pack

22nd August 2020 0 By The Trainspotter from Tauranga

Here’s the result of me trying to challenge myself; a pack of 10 scenarios for the South London to Brighton route. They are all ‘standard’ scenarios, and they are all themed around passenger services out of London Victoria and the Brighton Mainline. Originally I was just going to focus on Southern trains, but in the end I decided to feature Gatwick Express, Great Western Railway and Thameslink as well. The GWR services in this part of England are on the Gatwick Airport to Reading route, otherwise known as the North Downs Line.

The list of scenarios is as follows:

1A99 04:33 Brighton to London Victoria
*1D46 10:43 London Victoria to Gatwick Airport*
1R33 14:06 Reigate to London Victoria
1V40 08:33 Gatwick Airport to Reading
1Y02 06:02 London Victoria to Tattenham Corner
2B91 15:36 South Croydon to London Victoria
**2K93 05:49 Norwood Junction to London Victoria**
2O92 08:57 London Victoria to East Croydon
9J20 08:43 Gatwick Airport to Peterborough
9T27 10:49 Bedford to Brighton

(It’s not essential that you play the scenarios in this exact order).

The trains you get to drive throughout these scenarios are as follows:

Class 166 (1V40)
Class 377 (1A99, 1R33, 2B91, 2K93 and 2O92)
Class 387 (1D46, 9J20 and 9T27)
Class 455 (1Y02)

*When arriving at East Croydon in the 1D46 scenario, you may need to press TAB to proceed through a signal that’s stuck on red. I had this issue when testing the scenario but I don’t know if it’ll happen to anyone else. Regardless, I though this issue was worth mentioning*.

**I’m aware that someone else has already made a 2K93 scenario for this website. I still included my version in this pack because I didn’t want all my time and effort to go to waste**.

In order to acheive a realistic driving environment, the list of DLC and 3rd party requirements for this pack is very long:

Chatham Mainline – London to Gillingham
Class 170 DMU
Class 455/9 EMU
EWS Class 66 v2.0
European Loco & Asset Pack
London to Brighton
Portsmouth Direct Line – London Waterloo to Portsmouth
South London Network
Southeastern Class 465
Southern Class 455/8

(Alan Thomson Sim)
**Class 455 SWR Branding**
Class 455 Texture Patches
**Class 456 SWR Branding and Destinations**
Class 700/707/717 ‘Desiro City’ Pack

(Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
Class 360/444/450 Sound Pack (optional, though now discontinued)
Class 375/377 Sound Pack (optional, though now discontinued)
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
Class 455 Sound Pack
Class 456 Electric Multiple Unit Pack

(DP Simulation)
Class 465/2 and 465/9 SET Blue Stripe

(Just Trains)
Class 20 Advanced Collection

SWR Desiro Twin Pack

(Steam Workshop)
South London to Brighton

Class 166 Great Western Railway
Class 377/6 and 377/7 Southern
Class 387/1 Thameslink and Great Northern
Class 387/2 Gatwick Express

(Vulcan Productions – Ash992478)
Class 455 with SWR Branding
Class 456 Destinations and SWR Branding

(I do not currently have Armstrong Powerhouse’s 375/377 enhancement pack at the time of uploading. This is because I feel the pack is too expensive at its normal price).

**Unfortunately the SWR branding packs for the 455 and 456 appear to have been discontinued**.

Anyway, now that I’ve reached the end, I should probably say thank you for downloading and I hope you enjoy these 10 scenarios.